Retail Fuel Services


The retail convenience store industry isn’t just important to McPherson, it’s very important to America.

Few stop to think how the c-store industry provides almost everybody with the fuel we need to move every day. Of the total fuel sold nationally 80 percent is pumped from c-stores.

How much?

Sales totaling $491.5 billion in 2013, and more today. That’s a lot of customers and petroleum for convenience stores to manage. Even just your little piece.

So we’ve got your back…and your tanks.

You’ll Love our Yellow Trucks

It took Charles McPherson and his colleagues over 40 years to build the logistic infrastructure that today brings you McPherson fuel.

It’s built on more than trucks.

“My Dad said – Don’t dare put your name on a building if you’re not going to do the right thing,” says Charles. “We put McPherson Oil on the side of the building and kept that image and reputation and honesty and good day’s work philosophy that came through my heritage.”

In other words – it’s not love you and leave you with McPherson. We’re committed to partnership.

We’ve always found that is what’s best for our customers and our own business – even when your business is a small one, or a series of c-stores that are scattered across the Southeast.

Once we’re partners – helping every one of them is our mission.


Do you need us outside of normal working hours? Do you have an emergency and need to adjust your pick up?

We’ve got a special number just for you.

Remember, the McPherson name is also on the sides of our trucks – each one is part of the biggest fleet in the Southeast. And each truck carries not only your fuel, but the winning philosophy that makes McPherson the partner you can lean on.


And because of our web of trucks and fueling partners throughout the Southeast, we’re never too far or too busy for a reroute.

With our extensive fleet of McPherson trucks, bolstered with great relationships that we enjoy with local carriers throughout our markets, we can reach your tanks when you need fuel or oil no matter where you’re located.

Your Logistic Planning Partner

We understand the unique position of retail stores.

McPherson doesn’t just help you dispense and manage your fuel distribution; we’re committed to working with retail owners, dealers and operators to develop your fuel distribution program, and build it on the McPherson ideals that have brought our partners success for decades.

Petroleum Services

We don’t just deliver fuel. We offer Total Petroleum Management, which means we take care of every petroleum need a company could have.

If you’re running a garage and need oil disposal or recycling, we can help you. Our most compelling program, Renew, helps industries deal with all of their used lubricants and lubricant systems.

It includes inspections, consulting, lubricant removal, and recycling that not only saves the majority of a used product but often makes them better than new.

Call us for more information about partnership in our Renew program.

Get In Touch Today!

We’d love to send our drivers to your c-stores. Call us today and find out how you can be an exclusive partner with McPherson.

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And remember what our partners say: “The guys with the yellow trucks are the guys who do the right thing.”