McPherson is your full service lubricants provider. We offer numerous options of quality products, and value added services to the customer in the automotive, commercial and industrial business sectors. Let us partner with you for all of your lubricant needs.


McPherson is your experienced and trusted provider of all fuel products. We know that safe and on-time delivery of fuel products is critical to our customers. Let us partner with you for all of your fuel needs.


McPherson’s FUELZ Fleet Card will provide savings to your company. Our FUELZ card provides security, accountability, and control of your company’s fuel expense. Let us help you manage and control what your fleet spend.


McPherson is a leading supplier of fuel and partner to the convenient store industry. Our experience, service and expertise make us different from other suppliers. Let us partner with you to develop a successful convenient store operation.


About McPherson Oil Products

McPherson Oil Products is committed to provide our customers in Alabama, Arkansas, North and Central Georgia, Mississippi coast, Florida panhandle, Greater Chattanooga Area, the Greater New Orleans Area and Louisiana Gulf Coast with quality products and services. This commitment is supported with our belief in TPM – Total Petroleum Management.  TPM means that ALL of our customer’s petroleum needs can be met by McPherson. Customers do not need to look to other providers or suppliers. McPherson is completely and expertly equipped to deliver quality products and services. We have been achieving this mission for over FORTY years. We believe that TPM is the valued added difference that we provide our customers. Our commitment to our customers is reflected in our company vision and mission statements.

Client Feedback

“We have the pleasure of meeting numerous drivers within the McPherson Company hauling an assortment of different items weekly. Although remembering all their names is a striking task there’s always one who sticks out; always goes the extra mile, never interrupts us, patiently waits for us to finish the task at hand to sign paperwork. 

Sam Hovies is this drivers name I believe, very professional, courteous, and well developed in professional skills. Truly an asset and excellent Representative for McPherson.

They all do a great job but Sam truly stands out. Too often all you hear is the bad but I wanted to share some good for a change.

Thanks for the partnership that runs from Top to Bottom between our organizations and thanks for all you and the others do to make Fuel and Lube as seamless as possible.”

Garreth Price

Saiia Construction