Commercial Fuel Services

Why Do the Big Companies Stand By McPherson?


Simple. They do business with companies they like.
They stop doing business with companies they don’t like.

If they get value from McPherson…You can too.

We handle fuel distribution for the entire Southeast USA, so it’s no surprise that when you partner with McPherson we will meet your fuel needs with exceptional service.

Because we don’t just understand your need for fuel.
After years of distribution experience, we know how you work.
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Get Real Benefits with McPherson Fueling

These are the reasons we’re in business…

  • Never run out of fuel with our dedicated fleet of delivery trucks.
  • Get fuel anytime you want it with our 24/7 never-ending delivery.
  • Get more fuel faster and cheaper with our specialized transport.
  • Never overpay for your order because we use tank wagons for smaller deliveries.
  • You always have options of Diesel or Unleaded Gasoline delivery.
  • Better served, even if you’re in a remote place because we have strong carrier and terminal relationships throughout the Southeast.
  • Save fuel and grow with our storage and dispensing equipment, installation and service.
  • Get the fuel you want with our consigned, branded and unbranded products.
  • Lock in monthly savings with our fixed fuel contracts.

Our Commercial Fuels

We Offer:

  • Transport Fuel
  • Short Truck Fuel
  • Fleet Fuel

Our Fuel Management Programs

With Total Petroleum Management (TPM) we offer you everything you’ll need to run your business. Here is a sampling:

  • Budgetary Tools
  • Security and Supply
  • Multiple Purchasing Techniques and Consultation
  • Variable Risk Management
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Fixed Fuel Pricing – helping you lock in profit
  • Cellular Tank Monitoring – ensuring you don’t run out of fuel

Ready to get started?

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Be Our Partner

We think that partnership is all about communication and custom service, and we provide solid partnerships with:

  • wholesale
  • retailers
  • auto-shops
  • convenience stores
  • commercial business
  • industry

Doing Business With McPherson

We’ve even taught our oil companies a thing or two. Like when you do business from Trussville, Alabama you get more than a distributer…

…You get a partner with values and a mission that builds you a richer bottom line.

It’s because of our values and mission statement that we’ve developed Total Petroleum Management, the program that helps you with everything you need – all with McPherson’s incomparable products and services.

We help you save with an array of services under the McPherson brand. If you call us about fuel transport, we’ll keep you from needing to outsource, sign multiple contracts and juggle suppliers.

Because if you need fuel – you might also need a few other things:

  • oil
  • grease
  • transmission fluid
  • kerosene
  • fleet fueling cards
  • petroleum equipment
  • fuel storage
  • equipment servicing
  • chemical and tank analysis
  • engineering and
  • petroleum product recycling

We do it all. We’ll do it for you. You’ll save doing it with us.

What You Get From Our Partnership

Here’s one more way you pay less with McPherson:

Because of our strong position in the market we have contracted supply agreements with major oil companies to buy diesel fuel directly from their refineries.

That gets you:

  • a consistent supply of diesel fuel,
  • distribution flexibility
  • volume purchase prices that help you save more compared to our competitors.

We make strong commitments with our C-stores and dealer distributors.
We’d love to make one with you…

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