Fuel Services

For more than forty years, McPherson has set the standard for fuel services and commercial petroleum distribution. As a result, McPherson not only understands what fleet managers and business owners are looking for in fuel services, we have the ability to deliver.

Relationships are the foundation of our company and our knowledgeable associates are ready to help you find the fuel services that are right for you.

Fleet Fuel Card

Keep your fleet moving with the Fuelz fleet card. With nationwide acceptance, the Fuelz fleet card helps cardholders save as much as 15% through fuel discounts.

The Fuelz fleet management system offers convenient and flexible purchasing controls that prevent unauthorized spending. Our use of the latest technology allows our customers to monitor purchasing data in real-time and keep track of how their fuel dollars are being spent.

Industrial Engineering

At McPherson, we always take a comprehensive approach. As part of our Total Petroleum Management program, we provide a full range of Industrial Engineering Services, including in-depth plant reviews, reservoir maintenance, storage and handling studies, lubrication trainings, hydraulic inspections, and much more. Our Industrial Services experts partner with your team to improve your facility’s operations by implementing a customized lubrication program for your plant.

After analyzing your unique lubrication needs, our specialists collaborate with your team to establish goals, objectives, and timelines. Together, we work to develop cost-effective solutions that result in reduced equipment downtime, lower maintenance costs, and increased production. And by conducting an annual business review, in addition to documenting savings and cost avoidance, McPherson ensures that the impact of our Industrial Engineering Services is evident in the numbers.

Fuel Contracts

In a volatile diesel fuel market, unpredictable price swings can have an adverse effect on petroleum-dependent companies. McPherson understands that stabilizing fuel costs goes a long way toward building your business’s bottom line. That’s why we offer fuel contracts as part of our Total Petroleum Management program. Not only do our products and services meet all your fuel and lubricant needs, our fuel contracts can help eliminate your exposure to sudden fuel price increases.

For qualified partners, McPherson’s fuel contracts fix diesel fuel rates for a set period of time—as long as twelve months in some cases. This enables companies to undertake large-scale, fuel-intensive projects and budget for future expenses with greater certainty. By mitigating diesel price fluctuations, McPherson’s fuel contracts help businesses conserve costs, schedule profits, weather market changes, and ultimately gain a competitive advantage.

Government Sales

Partnership is at the heart of everything we do at McPherson. As the leading supplier of petroleum products throughout the Southeast, we’ve developed longstanding relationships with major transnational oil companies, brokers, and government agencies. This makes us uniquely qualified to negotiate sought-after contracts on behalf of private as well as public enterprises. An exclusive partnership with McPherson puts you on the inside track to understanding the petroleum market and connecting with key players.

Our access to industry knowledge from both the private and government sectors allows us to provide our customers with unparalleled service. Not only will you enjoy the features of our all-encompassing Total Petroleum Management program, you’ll be able to get inside the halls of power and benefit from our vast network—over forty years in the making. By finding the ideal partners to meet your unique needs, McPherson gives you access to the best in fuel products and services.

Total Petroleum Management

When you can have all your fluid, maintenance, and equipment needs met by a single provider that knows your operations inside and out, why go anywhere else? There’s a reason why the name McPherson has become synonymous with Total Petroleum Management. Our customers not only enjoy access to competitive pricing on petroleum products of the finest quality, they also benefit from our knowledge base and full portfolio of services.

Our petroleum experts are ready to help you choose the right products and services for your business. Whether you need a steady supply of diesel fuel, on-site recycling for your used oil, repairs to your plant’s machinery, fixed fuel contracts to stabilize your costs, fuel cards for your fleet drivers, or educational tutorials for your staff, McPherson is dedicated to being your exclusive petroleum partner. With Total Petroleum Management, McPherson is the only partner you need.

For more information on any of McPherson’s fuel services, contact us at 888-802-7500.