About Us

When you think about moving oil, think McPherson.

We’re the best production, relocation, and oil processing company in the southern United States, and we save you money with our size and our commitment to a quality partnership with all of our clients.

After over 50 years of growth, we’re the largest private distributor of lubricants in the Southeast, having expanded with many partners. We know more about how the logistics of petroleum products are handled better than anyone.

Our knowledge will save you money and time.

Aside from experience, we take seriously the idea that we always provide all of the services that any single client will need, so you’ll never be forced to turn anywhere else for service. With that simple concept, we’ve become tenaciously committed to searching for every hole in our business and filling them with products and services that help our customers.

Total Petroleum Management (TPM)

See it in writing. We call it TPM, which means Total Petroleum Management. All of our customers’ petroleum needs can be met by McPherson’s TPM.

So you’ll never have to:

  • – Outsource to multiple companies
  • – Deal with varied contractual obligations
  • – Navigate a logistic puzzle

Because McPherson is perfectly equipped to deliver quality products and services.

For over 50 years, we’ve achieved this mission because Total Petroleum Management is our value-added difference. Our dedication to giving you sophisticated service helps your operation and helps us retain customers just like you.

The Fuel in McPherson

Our Vision

To be the market leader through TPM – Total Petroleum Management

Our Mission

Total commitment to a long-term, profitable relationship with our business partners.

The McPherson Values

Our fuel is perfected with six values.

Commitment to Excellence

We do our very best, at all times, and nothing less.


We treat our partners like we want to be treated. We’re also committed to doing business in the safest, most sustainable way.


McPherson is family-founded, owned, and operated. They make it possible for us to move your oil on time and on budget.


We do the right thing, every time. That’s how we grew from a single man driving an oil truck to the biggest oil distributor in the southeast.


Everyone counts. We know that every employee and affiliate contributes to our success. We’re in a relationship business, and we’d love that relationship to be with you


We deliver results to our stakeholders.

You Can’t Top McPherson

We’ve become the market leader by working for you. By giving you our best, treating you the way you deserve with the McPherson integrity of doing right, and by making your team an important part of ours.

We don’t think you’ll top McPherson.

You’re welcome to try. But you’ll save more money and time when you call McPherson.

We know you’ll be glad that you did.

You’ll have to find:

  • – A larger distributer
  • – A longer track record
  • – A wider reach
  • – More services
  • – Money and logistic saving
  • – Total Petroleum
  • – Management
  • – Better values.