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ProTeck, is our private label lubricant that McPherson engineered to meet our customer’s expectations of quality, superior performance, and greater value. ProTeck offers a full line of quality lubricants that are all API approved. ProTeck oil and lubricants deliver the Quality and Performance of a brand with great value. If you see the ProTeck logo on the package, you can trust that the contents meet all of the necessary industry specifications. McPherson’s private label lubrication products are committed to delivering Quality Brand, Superior Performance, and Great Value.

Heavy-Duty Engine Oils

ProTeck heavy-duty diesel lubrications are more demanding than ever. They must meet the difficult challenge of meeting durability demands while offering extended drain intervals and be in compliance with emission control. This requires a complex formulation to ensure high quality and high performance. All of ProTeck Fleet Engine oils are specially engineered for heavy-duty diesel and gasoline engines and are offered at an affordable price.

Passenger Car Oil

ProTeck passenger car oils are all synthetically formulated and provide excellent anti-wear, better sludge control, and reduce engine wear. Our synthetic lubricants exceed performance standard requirements and are offered at an affordable price. ProTeck Elite motor oils meet all the current API and OEM specifications for passenger car applications. ProTeck Elite provides maximum engine performance in a variety of operating conditions while maintaining engine cleanliness and extending engine life. Look for guaranteed protection under the ProTeck Elite Limited Warranty.

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