Fleet Fuel Card

Experience the McPherson Difference with the Fuelz fleet card. Designed by a Fuel company, not a credit card company.

For more information about how McPherson can design a fleet card system for your businesses unique needs,
call 855-GO-FUELZ or visit www.fuelzcard.com.

The McPherson Fuelz card



  • Offers money-saving purchasing controls
  • Provides real-time exception reporting for fleet managers
  • Carefully monitors expenses
  • Prevents unauthorized spending by drivers
  • Can save you as much as 15% on your overall fuel expenses

When we saw that there was no perfect fuel card for fleets, we decided to create one. McPherson has over 20 years of experience in the fleet card industry and has over 40 years experience working with businesses for all of their petroleum needs. We understand that commercial fleets have unique needs when it comes to purchasing fuel, and unlike the credit card companies, McPherson truly understands these needs. With multiple drivers and vehicles working all over your business area, it can be difficult to keep track of exactly how your fuel dollars are being spent. The Fuelz fleet fuel management system shows you where every fuel dollar goes.

McPherson Fuelz card is fully customizable and extremely flexible, eliminating rigid product limits in favor of convenience for fleet managers and drivers. Whether your business needs require nationwide acceptance or only regional acceptance, the Fuelz card can deliver. Our fleet solutions offer card acceptance on either the feature rich Fuelman Network or the universally accepted MasterCard Network.

McPherson has spent over 40 years working with business fleets for all of their petroleum needs. We work one-on-one with every Fuelz customer to ensure that you get the right card for your fleet, and provide personal customer service by knowledgeable associates who care about your business.

McPherson understands that RELATIONSHIPS drive businesses. With a Fuelz fleet card by McPherson, your employees can talk directly to people they know versus an unknown person in an unknown city working for a credit card company.
Click here for the Fuelz Credit Application (PDF).

For more information about how Fuelz can help your fleet, call 855-GO-FUELZ or visit www.fuelzcard.com.