Total Petroleum Management


Getting all of your fluids, maintenance and equipment needs delivered by a single provider who knows your operations. There’s one way that we’ve became the biggest and the best in the Southeast – through our commitment to give you the finest quality and selection of products and services in our industry.

Our commitment saves you money, invoicing, paperwork, keeps your timetable on track and your machines from breaking down.

And it even has a name…

Total Petroleum Management with McPherson

You get exciting deals and competitive pricing on oils, lubricants and the greases you need to run your business.

Because we’re the biggest lubricant distributor in the Southeast, you get the benefit of our contracts that we’ve carefully built with elite multi-national suppliers of fuel and petroleum products for consumer, commercial and industrial applications.

We save you time and money:


  • Eliminate the middlemen.
  • Keeping your maintenance schedule on track.
  • Delivering all of your fuel and lubrication supplies so you can keep your resources where you need them most.
  • Giving you the largest petroleum partner in the Southeast – with the experience to help your business lower its bottom line and run smoothly.

Pick your products and we do the rest. We get you the best because of our relationships with major brands. We also carry our own line of private label oils and greases to give you the hardworking lubrication you need for your vehicles and machines, with all of the flexibility in delivery and pricing you enjoy as a McPherson partner.

Here’s Just Some of What You Get

  • Knowledge: We’ll help you select the right product for your business with our branded and unbranded products.
  • Fuel: We attend to all of our fueling needs – with gasoline and diesel fuel delivery and storage for on-road and off-road teams. Whether you’re fueling your own fleet, construction crews, or a large mining operation – our partnership will meet your fuel and lubrication needs.
  • Recycling: Did you know that your oil is black gold even after you’ve used it? When you partner with McPherson, not only will we help you deal with used oil and filters so you don’t need to worry about them, but with our unique ReNEW program:
  • We Meet You On-Site: We can recycle your used oil on-site, and you’ll enjoy a significant savings over your competitors who throw everything away.
  • Green Branding: Renewing used oil lets you advertise that you’re a green company, which is a proven way to increase your brand image and attract sales.
  • Oil Better Than New: You can also purchase our own recycled oil, which is as good or better than new, and receive the same revenue building benefits.
  • Burner Fuel: We supply your burner fuel, and include you with the rest of the great benefits of TMP and McPherson partnership.
  • Fluid Delivery: We provide you any lubricant or fluid that you need – Transmission, Anti-Freeze, Kerosene
  • Inspection: We help you increase the life of your machinery and save your business money with on-site inspections, part of our Industrial Plant Services.
  • Engineering: We can advise and fix your equipment, your fleets and help you maintain your systems.
  • Oil analysis: Before you replace it, we bring it to the lab to make sure you’re getting the most from your lubricants.
  • Petroleum Equipment: You get new hardware and full installation. You can also buy used equipment, and save with our service of your current tanks and machines.
  • Fleet Savings: With our Fuelz Fleet Card – you keep closer tabs on your drivers, rate what you spend and save 15 percent on maintenance purchases. We have a card that fits you:
    • Save even if you don’t spend a lot – Discount Advantage.
    • Drive a lot of diesel? We have the only card designed for diesel work fleets – Diesel Advantage Fleetcard.
    • Wholesale pricing on diesel and unleaded – Commercial Advantage Fleetcard.
    • Drive a lot? Earn your discounts by volume without limits – Advantage Fleetcard.
    • Get discounts anywhere – Universal Advantage MasterCard.
  • Fixed Fuel Contracts: You can make a schedule and we’ll stick with it, delivering your fuel with our dedicated tanker fleet whenever you decide.
  • Better Your Team: We provide educational tutorials for your selected staff who deal with petroleum products and equipment.


Total Petroleum Management is our commitment to you. We give you three decades worth of experience, enterprise level quality and uniquely, an unmatched selection of products and services.

When we say TPM, we mean that ALL of your petroleum needs are met by McPherson. Our customers don’t need to look to other providers or suppliers. We set the industry standard for products and service – you get the value added difference.

You’re insured to have dependable and friendly service, prompt delivery, competitive pricing and become a partner with our petroleum experts.

You’ve got our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
So call us today at 1-888-802-7500,
and learn more about how you can profit from Total Petroleum Management.