Recycled Oil

ReNEW is REVOLUTION- 360 degrees of energy reclamation and renewal that helps save the environment and save your business money. ReNEW means sustainable, perpetual motion for used oil- new energy from resources that might have simply been discarded in environmentally unfriendly and unclean ways. ReNEW is a forward-thinking approach from a forward-thinking company. We utilize cutting edge collection and processing techniques that ReNEW oil. ReNew is an offsite filter and purification system designed to regenerate used products to better than new specifications. We have an on-staff Chemist that formulates all our Green Industrial Products and several Certified Industrial Specialists to assist with all your lubrication issues.


Proactive Industrial Services

  • Capital spare preservation
  • Gear inspection
  • Reservoir maintenance
  • Equipment evaluation and consultation

Practical Equipment Services

  • Dehydrator Rental
  • Filter Carts Rental
  • Vacumm Truck Services

Perpetual Alternative Energy

  • Used Oil recycling
  • Used oil reclamation and reuse


Why are 200 Million Gallons of Oil Wasted Each Year?
Because people don’t know the money is in oil recycling

Your Money is in Reclaimed Oil

You need 42 gallons of crude oil to create 2.5 quarts of fine lubricant…
…But you only need 1 gallon of reclaimed oil to do the same thing!

How do you get it? ReNEW

Our program for oil reclamation and plant restoration. How successful is it? Renew is one of McPherson’s leading programs. The reason is because it helps you increase your bottom line.

Call to ReNEW your business. Become an exclusive partner with McPherson’s most in demand services.
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See What ReNEW Can Do For Your Business…

Oil Treatments

  • Reclamation and, when possible, renewing to better-than-virgin quality for industrial oil used in its original application.
  • Renewal of your oils into recycled lubricant, petroleum products or base stocks.
  • Take away of your unwanted oil.

Industrial Oils


Our ReNEW team investigate your used petroleum for possible uses. Then we capture, dehydrate, filter and fine-tune its components, adding new chemicals to produce a normative or better-than-new product.

We also deliver processing and documentation for the life of all of your ReNEW petroleum products.

Your Benefits:

  • You get superb reclaimed products that meet new oil specifications.
  • Waste stream minimization
  • Lower lubricant costs
  • Lessen your environmental exposure
  • Increased life cycle of your oil.
  • Reduced maintenance and filter cost.

We Recycle Oils For:

  • Hydraulics
  • Paper Machines
  • Industrial Gear Oils
  • Waylubes
  • Air Compressors
  • Custom Machinery


Save Your Capital Equipment


Whether you’re creating industrialized products, run a saw mill or a steel plant, you’ve got capital equipment.

We know from our years working alongside businesses like yours that on average 25% of your spare parts are stored in non-working order. What happens when you try to use them?

Stop Your Crisis with Our Machine Inspection:


  • Detailed video scoping
  • Shaft rotation
  • Recording and tags of all equipment
  • Capture images of rust or corrosion
  • Competitive recommendations



  • Improved life of capital spares
  • Reduced maintenance costImproved reliability of your equipment
  • Reduced labor costs

Gear Inspection:

During machine downtime, we inspect, diagnose and give you recommendations that can save your components.

  • Decrease failure in gears and bearings
  • Decrease spending on maintenance
  • Speed up your production
  • Improve the reliability of your machines
  • Save on insurance

Reservoir Management:


Our services include inspection and floor sampling, write-ups and actionable assessment, cleaning and lube filtration – as well as providing you with savings reports and photo evidence of what we’ve achieved.

Equipment Evaluation and Consulting

Keeping everything working takes proactive steps. You’ll thank yourself later for improved life and reliability of your machines.

  • Establish appropriate borderline conditions
  • Replace or clean lubricants when the systems are at borderline


  • We identify your critical components
  • Establish ISO Cleanliness Standards
  • Provide you a monthly update

Oil Reclamation

Our reclamation rental service offers competitive access to the tools you’ll need to get the most out of your lubricants, increasing filter and oil life, as well as improving equipment reliability.

  • Vacuum Truck – extract benign liquids and solids from waste disposal areas
  • Dehydrator Rental – for removing water and gas
  • Filter Cart Rental – removes contaminants

Reclaim Your Gold

Partner with the ReNEW program and you’ll increase the value of your business and join the growing movement of business leaders who actively cut down on their share of  industrial waste.

It’s a golden revolution that starts with you.
Just call McPherson and ask for the ReNEW team, today.

Contact our Certified Lubricant Specialist,
Tony Crabtre 1-888-802-7500