2 Key Ways Cold Weather Affects Your Retail Fuel Station

20 Feb 2017, Posted by McPherson Oil in Industry Information

Fuel Station Covered in Snow | McPherson OilSpring is supposed to start in mid-March but cold weather can linger in parts of the country well into the new season. In fact, cold weather from the Northeast often spreads down South and out West. Many areas won’t see warm weather until late April or early May.

Cold weather can have a major impact on your business if you operate a convenience store or retail fuel station. Consumer demand often changes when cold weather turns into bad weather.

Here are three ways cold weather affects your retail fuel station and how partnering for retail fuel services with the right company can make a difference.

Cold Weather Creates Fuel Emergencies at Your Gas Station

Cold weather often brings snowstorms and other inclement conditions to an area. When people hear that a storm is coming they tend to head out and stock up on essentials. This means your retail fuel station can expect a mad dash of customers at the pumps. They will want gas for their cars as well as for generators and to fill up gas storage containers. When this happens, you may need fuel distributed outside of normal working hours to keep up with demand. You may even need multiple fuel deliveries outside of your normal schedule in a single day or week.

Be sure to partner with a dependable retail fuel services provider who will make emergency visits to your station whenever you need it. This way you can help your customers have as much fuel as they need before the storm hits.

Cold Weather Conditions May Require Rerouting Your Fuel Delivery

When cold weather brings blizzards, rain, sleet and hail, the roads used to get fuel to your station may be blocked or iced up. This means your fuel distributor must find a different way to service your station. If they can’t or if their fuel trucks get stuck on the road, you may run out of gas while you wait for your next delivery.

One way to avoid this is to partner with a retail fuel services provider with an extensive fleet of delivery trucks, multiple fuel distribution centers, and a network of local distributors who can get fuel to your station using alternate routes.

In situations like these, where cold weather can wreak havoc on your retail fuel operation, it pays to have a fuel services partner that understands the unique needs of convenience stores and that specializes in logistics planning.

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