3 Benefits of Managed Fuel Services

18 Sep 2017, Posted by McPherson Oil in Oil Tips

retail fuel services receipt tracking | McPherson Oil  When managing a fleet, fuel is a necessary but costly expense that cuts into your bottom line. Keeping track of your employee’s receipts and driving habits is nearly impossible without an organized management system. 

That is where managed retail fuel services can play a pivotal role in optimizing your company’s spending. Implementing a fuel management system gives you increased control over your fleet’s spending, enhanced security, and real-time usage tracking. Here are just three benefits of adopting managed fuel services. 

Control Spending 

You no longer have to rely on your drivers to remember to get and keep track of the receipts. A fuel service management system will help you track who’s spending and how much.  

The tracking feature will report what spending is happening where, and many systems allow you to limit each driver’s purchasing on an individual basis. These reports will allow you to catch any disloyalties and discrepancies before they get out of control. Catching one or two of these mishaps early on can save you thousands of dollars. 

Heightened Security 

The more reporting technology you have on a vehicle, the harder it will be for it to stray from the course without out being noticed. Whether it’s driver error or criminal activity, a fuel management system will show you everything you have and where it’s headed. 

If you notice a vehicle is off-course, you can easily investigate it by contacting your driver from a remote location. Should hijacking or theft occur, your ability to report quickly and accurately will significantly increase your chance of recovery. Thefts reported within two hours have a better than 50% recovery rate, while reports after four hours have a disheartening 25% chance of recovery. 

Advanced Tracking 

The exceptional tracking abilities of fuel management systems allow for a whole new world of ways to increase the efficiency of your fleet. Access to your vehicles’ running and idle times will help eliminate wasted fuel by empowering you to train drivers who have poor performance reports. Additionally, this will cut into unnecessary wear-and-tear on your fleet. 

Many management options will give the ability to track routine maintenance as well. Reliable record keeping on maintenance and repair will help keep your vehicles running at a higher performance for a longer period of time. 

Finally, a clear, concise report of fuel data will allow for much more accessible resources for management review, financial reporting, and logistical decision making. Take advantage of the technological advances in fuel management to reduce your expenses and increase your fleet’s operating efficiency. 

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