3 Common Truck Problems During the Summer

11 May 2018, Posted by McPherson Oil in Oil Tips

Now that summer is rapidly approaching, it’s the perfect time to assess your fleet to prevent any maintenance issues. From researching the best commercial fuel services to checking your hoses, you can never be too prepared when the warm weather hits.

Here are the most common issues your fleet may face this summer.

1.    Check Your Fleet’s Air Conditioners

Although a working air conditioner inside a truck doesn’t change its performance, a malfunctioning one makes for an uncomfortable ride, especially in the summer heat. Inspect each truck for any leaks, especially the Schrader valves and hoses. If you find a problem, you might have to repair or replace them entirely.

A poor air conditioning system can encourage driver fatigue. When the weather is warmer and the days are longer, drivers are more likely to push themselves past a safe threshold to keep going on their route. Keeping the truck cool helps the driver stay alert and awake.

2.    Your Trucks’ Coolant and Hoses are Critical in the Summer

While antifreeze is crucial for your fleet in the winter, heavy-duty trucks rely on it just as much during the summer. Inspect all your hoses and ensure that your coolant is in suitable condition. Do you know how old your hoses are? You do if you purchased the truck, but if your truck is used, it’s harder to truly understand their age.

If the truck is running warmer than it should be, but your coolant level is sufficient, lift the cab after 2-3 hours of rest to check the radiator level. It’s important that you don’t inspect the cab while it’s still hot as you run the risk of burning yourself.

Although a pin-sized leak in the engine or hose sounds minimal, it’s actually extremely destructive to your expensive motor. Within minutes, this tiny leak can cause thousands of dollars in repairs. Replacing your hoses and coolant is inexpensive, so take the time to be proactive before you end up paying more than you should.

3.    Give Your Fleets’ Engine Belts the Attention They Deserve

As important as they are, these are so often overlooked. Your vehicles’ engine belts are continuously working, racking up an enormous number of miles with their endless rotations. As they revolve, the belts must flex to keep your truck running smoothly. They can take about 100,000 miles out before they need to be replaced. Replacing an engine is much more expensive than a few belts, so replace them before they fail.

Being proactive about your fleets’ maintenance can save you money but so can working with a local oil distributor. McPherson Oil has been in the oil industry for over forty years, specializing in fleets just like yours. Get in touch with us today to learn more about your potential cost savings.

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