Quick Guide To The 3 Common Types of Automobile Grease

05 Jun 2019, Posted by McPherson Oil in General

There are truly huge amounts of items out there that can support your vehicles but it takes heaps of research to know which one is the RIGHT one for your cars. Let’s look at a quick guide to the three most common glues that gives your vehicles ‘joints’ with oil and assurance from the components → Grease!

AP Grease

AP stands for all purpose. It is a type of grease that can be used for all kinds of vehicle applications. It is well known for its corrosion and rust protection. The resistant thermal degradation it provides allows it to be an optimal option for all kinds of grease-lubricated vehicle parts. This type of grease tends to be lithium based and water resistant. 

MP Grease

MP grease means Multi Purpose grease and it is generally for automotive, and light vehicle applications. It provides the right coating from elements and water and allows the parts to be well protected. Synthetic multi-purpose grease is the best choice for all kinds of temperatures, environments and vehicle systems. It can be used in electric motors, roller bearings, gears, wheel bearings, universal joints, and many other areas.

EP Grease

Extreme Pressure grease is the kind of grease that is most stable and durable. It is much more resistant than AP and MP grease. It can be used under incredible loads and very intense pressure. EP grease provides a much more reliable protection because of its more solid consistency that adheres to the surface and creates an additional coat of coverage against metal to metal contact.

Whatever grease you need to keep in shop, we can help. Contact us today and let us help you save money while keeping your shop or fleet running!

Written by Manikandan Marappan for ExxonMobil. McPherson Oil is an Authorized Distributor of ExxonMobil products.