3 Reasons to Partner with an Oil Company That Recycles

09 Sep 2016, Posted by McPherson Oil in General, Oil Tips

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As concern about the environment continues to grow, many companies are looking for ways to cultivate an eco-friendly public image while ensuring that their actions are in fact conscious of environmental impact. For industries that rely on petroleum, partnering with an oil company that offers sustainable reuse and waste reduction methods gives businesses the best of both worlds: the ability to present themselves as a “green” company by employing truly low-impact techniques, all while positively influencing their profit margins.

Recycling Oil Minimizes Environmental Impact

Between neighborhood vehicle maintenance shops and large-scale industrial operations, nearly 200 million gallons of used oil are disposed of every year. Improper disposal can cause irreparable ground water contamination, wreaking havoc on entire ecosystems. Businesses large and small can benefit from enlisting the services of an environmentally-conscious oil company. Recycling reclaims most of the used product, so companies can rest assured that their used oil is being processed ethically, while they contribute to a more sustainable system that benefits planet and people alike.

Green-Branding Enhances Company Reputation

In addition to the ecological advantages, developing a partnership with an oil company that recycles allows businesses to advertise themselves as “green,” or environmentally-conscious. This is especially true when companies not only recycle their own used oil, but continually buy back and utilize that reclaimed oil, increasing the oil’s life cycle while minimizing companies’ waste streams and lessening their environmental exposure. Implementing these kinds of “green” practices can create a more favorable public perception, generating customer loyalty and ultimately increasing profits.

Using Reclaimed Oil Improves Your Bottom Line

Choosing an oil company that recycles has a direct impact on business’ bottom lines. A quality oil company can collect and process used oil on-site, helping petroleum-dependent businesses save on transportation and disposal costs. While it takes 42 gallons of crude oil to produce 2.5 quarts of fine lubricant, only one gallon of reclaimed oil is required to yield the same. And in most cases, after filtering the oil and incorporating new chemicals, the recycled product not only meets new oil specifications, it has a higher quality than the original product.

What Companies Recycle Oil?

As the largest oil distributor in the Southeast, McPherson employs the latest techniques for transforming waste oil into a valuable, reusable commodity. Our forward-thinking approach draws new energy from resources that might otherwise be discarded in environmentally damaging ways. Not content to just deliver fuel, we offer our customers the best in Total Petroleum Management, setting the industry standard for all your petroleum needs.

With ReNEW, McPherson Oil’s recycling program, you’ll add value to your business and join the growing movement of business leaders who are taking an active role in reducing industrial waste. Partner with the petroleum experts. Contact us today!