3 Things a Full Service Oil Company Does for Customers

20 Mar 2017, Posted by McPherson Oil in Industry Information

Fuel Truck On The Highway | McPherson OilAs consumers, we’re always looking to gain the most value from our relationships with companies, brands, and service providers. We want relationships that go beyond transactions and products to include convenience, subject-matter expertise, and savings.

The same applies to enterprise-level relationships. For example, if you own or operate a trucking business, you expect your oil company to do more than provide reliable shipments at an affordable price.

It takes a full-service oil company to do that. Here are three things a full-service oil company does for its customers.

Provides More Than Just Oil

The key to providing exceptional service to your customers is to provide a high level of value. This makes having a diversified line-up of products essential. Your oil company should do more than provide just one type of product. Look for an oil company that offers a wide array of oil products and services. For example, if you own or operate a fleet of trucks, it would be beneficial if your oil company sold diesel exhaust fuel (DEF). DEF improves fuel economy by reducing gas re-circulation. Another example is an oil company that provides lubricants for sale to consumers at retail locations as well as to the commercial and industrial sectors.

Saves Your Staff Time

There is an administrative cost to managing multiple vendor relationships. Placing orders, processing paperwork, and planning delivery schedules must be carefully handled and that costs time and money in the form of staff. Your oil company should be able to supply you with several petroleum products so you can handle all the logistics through one relationship and direct resources to where your company needs them the most. This includes all the fluids, maintenance, and equipment you need to operate your business.

Saves Your Company Money

When your business relies on a fleet of vehicles to distribute its products to your customers, you have multiple drivers on different routes all over the regions you serve. This can make it a challenge to keep track of where your dollars are going. An oil company that also offers a fleet fuel card program can help your business save money at the pump with discounts and rebates. Fixed fuel contracts also help businesses save money by smoothing over the volatile price swings that are common in the oil market. They can also tap into their team of experts to train for your staff on handling petroleum products and equipment and provide you with consultation on lubricants, equipment and logistics.

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