3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Fuel Services Provider

27 Feb 2017, Posted by McPherson Oil in Industry Information

Business Partners Shaking Hands | McPherson OilWhen it comes to fuel services, today’s fleet managers and retail fuel stations are looking for more than just regular deliveries. They want to maximize their savings in all aspects of commercial petroleum. To do this they need a reliable fuel services provider that offers an array of solutions.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your relationship with your fuel services provider.

Sign Up for Fuel Contracts

Fuel prices are naturally volatile and if you run a c-store gas station or operate a fleet of vehicles, this instability can negatively affect your bottom line. Convenience stores operate on razor thin profit margins and a sudden increase in fuel prices can result in a financial loss for your business. Your fuel services partner should offer fuel contracts to help stabilize costs. This will prevent your business from being exposed to unexpected price increases. You can fix diesel fuel rates for a set period (typically one to twelve months) and then budget accordingly to control costs. This will help you mitigate financial risk and save your business money.

Order Multi-Brand Oil Lubricants

In order to stay competitive, many of today’s c-stores must do more than sell gas to consumers. Customers looking for convenience may also want to buy oils and lubricants to self-service their cars. Look for a fuel services provider that also distributes multi-branded consumer automotive lubricants. This ensures you’ll be able to reliably meet the needs of your customers at the pump and in your store. This can also help if you own or operate a quick lube or vehicle service station as part of your business. Top quality providers also distribute their own private label brands of lubricants at competitive prices, so be sure to ask your fuel services partner if they do.

Partner with a Comprehensive Petroleum Distributor

Having to use multiple vendors for retail fuel and petroleum products ends up costing your business more time and money. Instead, partner with an oil company that offers everything under one roof. This includes fuel, lubricants, and maintenance services. Ask if they provide additional services such as industrial engineering, equipment inspections, oil analysis, oil recycling, and installation of petroleum equipment. Working with a fuel services provider on an enterprise level ensures your business has all the resources it needs to maximize savings without compromising dependability or quality.

If your fuel service partner doesn’t offer the services mentioned above, it may be time to find a provider that does. McPherson Oil has set the standard for commercial petroleum distribution for more than forty years. Contact us today to see what we can do for your business.