3 Tips for Reducing Your Fleet’s Security Risks

16 Oct 2017, Posted by McPherson Oil in Oil Tips

retail fuel services gps | McPherson Oil Fleet managers know that their line of business can be fraught with security risks. Real-time data information can help, but only if you have the time and resources to sift through it all. Management tools can help you dig through your big data, leading to deeper insights and better strategies.  

You trust your drivers to do the right thing when they are on the road or stop for retail fuel services. Unfortunately, not all drivers are honest, and things can happen that are beyond even the best employee’s control. Fraud, unauthorized spend, theft, and other security issues take a toll on your bottom line. Use these three tips to reduce your fleet’s security risks.

1. Get Ahead of Road Conditions

GPS and satellite technology lets you track drivers and routes in real time. Inclement weather, natural disasters, and road closures create risk for your fleet. Real-time data gives you the ability to adapt and identify safe route alternatives.  

This is especially important if you have a large fleet or one operating in multiple geographic locations. You can ensure driver safety while identifying cost-effective driving routes.  

2. Stop Unauthorized Spending

Unapproved spend is a major contributing factor of annual loss. Identifying and preventing such purchases often takes resources fleet managers just don’t have on hand.  

Fortunately, your fleet card gives you many options to control spend and reduce waste. Automatic purchase controls set a limit on what and when your drivers can buy. This can be limited to dollar amounts as well as approved and unapproved products. The transaction will be declined if a driver attempts to make an unauthorized purchase.  

Have you experienced issues with drivers fueling their personal vehicles on the company card? You can limit the days and even hours in which the fleet’s card can be used. This puts an end to after-hours fill ups. 

3. Prevent Fraud and Theft

Some fleet cards require two-step verification. This means cardholders must put in their vehicle or driver ID number when making a transaction. Without a code, the card can’t be used. This protects you from fraudulent spending if a card is lost or stolen.  

Two-step verification adds another layer of security to your fleet management. If you’ve terminated an employee, you can easily deactivate an ID number even if they hold on to the card. In the case of seasonal employees, their IDs can be activated and deactivated as needed, depending on when you want them to have access to fuel services.  

The McPherson Fuelz card helps you reduce security risks and stop unauthorized spending. It’s accepted nationwide, meaning your fleet is covered wherever the road takes you.  

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