3 Ways the Right Retail Fuel Service Can Save C-Stores Money

06 Mar 2017, Posted by McPherson Oil in Oil Tips

Gas Station | McPherson OilGenerating a profit is a top priority for convenience stores that sell gasoline to consumers. Most gas stations only generate a few cents a gallon from sales at the pump to customers. The less money that is spent maintaining gas pumps, keeping fuel tanks full, and providing car maintenance services to customers, the more profit there will be for owners and operators after expenses.

Having the right retail fuel services provider plays a key role in helping c-stores achieve profitability. Here are three ways the right retail fuel service provider can save c-stores money.

Flexible Deliveries and Emergency Scheduling

Owning or managing a convenience store, or a chain of c-stores, takes planning and flexibility. Owners and operators should expect the same from their retail fuel service provider. One important reason for this is because even the best laid plans can sometimes go awry. Bad weather, traffic jams, or off-schedule incidents can create costly emergency situations at the pump. Customers will go elsewhere if your station is not a reliable location for gasoline and diesel fuel. Select a retail fuel services provider that offers emergency deliveries and rerouting. This will save your business money by ensuring your tanks are always full and your station has gasoline and diesel to sell to customers.

One Stop Shop for All Gasoline and Fuel Brands

Convenience store owners and operators make a choice whether to sell branded or unbranded gasoline and diesel to customers. Branded gasolines and diesel fuel have name recognition and many offer special blends or additives that appeal to drivers. On the other hand, selling unbranded fuel also has advantages. For example, by selling unbranded fuel, a local c-store owner can brand their business and the convenience and service they provide to customers. Partnering with a retail fuel service provider that offers both unbranded and branded gasoline gives owners and operators access to affordable, high quality fuel no matter how they position themselves to customers.

Providing Comprehensive Petroleum Services

Another way a retail fuel service provider can save convenience store operators money is by providing comprehensive services. This means providing more than just gasoline for consumption at the pumps. Look for a provider that also assists with the removal and recycling of oil products such as lubricants. This is especially helpful to retail fueling station operators who also offer customers auto maintenance services on site. Having a retail fuel services provider that also handles lubricants and lubricant systems saves station operators time and labor costs.

McPherson Oil provides comprehensive retail fuel services to c-stores nationwide. Contact us or call 888 802 7500 today to find out more about how we can help your business save money.