3 Ways to Maximize Your Relationship with Your Oil Company in 2017

18 Jan 2017, Posted by McPherson Oil in Industry Information

Business people shaking hands | McPherson OilMany businesses expect this to be a banner year in terms of achieving corporate goals and increasing profits. Therefore, company managers and decision makers are looking for ways to maximize their partnerships with vendors and get the most return on investment for their expenditures.

Your relationship with your oil company should be no exception. One way to maximize efficiency and save money is to build a strong relationship with the right oil company. Here are three resolutions to keep when it comes to your fuel and petroleum product supplier.

Use an Oil Company That’s a One Stop Shop

This is a great alternative to using multiple vendors and managing relationships with several suppliers. Managing multiple vendor relationships is time consuming. Having multiple vendors requires you to generate numerous invoices and process more paperwork. There’s a significant cost attached to these administrative tasks.

Instead look for an oil company that can provide all your fluids, maintenance, and equipment. Such a vendor should be flexible when it comes to making deliveries to you based on when you need oil and petroleum products supplied.

Use an Oil Company with a Wide Range of Products and Services

There are few things as frustrating as needing a product or service from your oil company and finding out that it’s not available. Look for an oil company that offers a broad selection of high quality products. These should include fuel and petroleum products for consumer, commercial and industrial uses. Fluids should include transmission, kerosene, and anti-freeze.

Additionally, your oil company should have relationships with major brands as well as private label options for you. This ensures all your needs will be met whether you are a commercial gas station, c-store, fleet operator, or construction contractor.

Expect More from Your Relationship with Your Oil Company

These days, many companies are looking for more than a transactional relationship with their vendors. They want to have a partnership that provides a higher level of value and interaction.

Make it your goal to build a strong relationship with your oil company this year. One advantage of a deep relationship is that your oil company will better understand your operations and can advise you on the right products for your business. They can also share more knowledge with you through educational training for your employees who deal with petroleum products and equipment. This can help you find additional money-saving efficiencies for your company.

One oil company makes it easy to keep all three of these resolutions: McPherson Oil. Only McPherson Oil offers Total Petroleum Management to deliver both supplies and savings to your business. Contact us today at 888-802-7500.