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24 Jan 2018, Posted by McPherson Oil in Oil Tips

fuel services cost | McPherson Oil As 2018 quickly approaches, have you thought through how you’ll save your fleet money? Perhaps you want to strengthen your relationships with fuel services partners, or maybe you’re hoping to improve drivers’ behavior.  

No matter what the new year brings you, reducing overall costs is at the forefront of every fleet manager’s mind. Here’s how you can start reducing petroleum costs come January. 

Implement a Fleet Fuel Card 

From reporting data to fleet-focused features, a fuel card offers great benefits across the board. In fact, a Fuelz card can save as much as 15% on fuel. Plus, they’re accepted nationwide.  

Drivers love these cards due to their flexible and convenient purchasing options. Managers are right on board with them since they help prevent unauthorized spending. Should fraudulent purchases occur, fleet managers are instantly notified. Managers have total control and insight into the dollars spent on fuel. 

Evaluate Driver Behavior 

You know that old saying, “Don’t sweat the small stuff?” When it comes to drivers’ behavior, the “small stuff” can quickly add up to great dollars wasted.  

Drivers can greatly reduce fuel use by avoiding abrupt starts, speeding, aggressiveness, or hauling extra cargo. Though individually these behaviors don’t seem significant, they’re weight quickly multiplies when your entire fleet partakes in them. 

A study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory concluded that improving driver behavior can reduce fuel use by 5-10%. For aggressive drivers, that savings goes up to 20%. 

Ally with Clean Cities 

Saving on petroleum costs doesn’t have to be a lone-ranger effort. The U.S. Department of Energy started the Clean Cities program that includes over 100 alliances between fleet managers, fuel services providers, local businesses and organizations, and government agencies.  

The common denominator between these public-private alliances is their passion for reducing the amount of fuel used nationwide. They’re focused on implementing fuel-saving technology and fuel alternatives.  

By joining a coalition, you’ll have constant access to information about fuel substitutions, advanced vehicles, reducing idle activity, and other strategies to reduce petroleum use. 

Review Your Fleet’s Resources  

Using excessive materials, trucks, and drivers is a common mistake made by fleet managers. As a result, the company’s time, money, and fuel is wasted. For example, there’s no need to use trucks with extensive towing and hauling capabilities or four-wheel drive for loads that don’t require such support. 

Review your fleet’s inventory to see where the gaps and excess resources fall. Once you’ve determined that, you can make better informed decisions about the most cost- and fuel-efficient vehicle needed for the jobs at hand. 

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