4 Ways Auto Advances are Saving Lives

12 Jun 2017, Posted by McPherson Oil in Industry Information

Retail Fuel Services Car Accident Survey | McPherson OilCollisions involving distracted drivers claim the lives of over eight people a day in the U.S. and injure around 1,100 others, according to statistics released by the CDC. Whether people are taking their hands off the wheel, their mind off driving, or their eyes off the road, distracted driving is a serious issue that’s increasing year over year. Fortunately, advanced safety features are helping to keep drivers safe on the road. While retail fuel services help protect your company’s bottom line, these are the four ways advances in automotive technology are saving lives.

Comprehensive Safety Advancements

Blind spot detection and side assist keep drivers aware of their surroundings, even those that are difficult to see from side and rear-view mirrors. Collision avoidance systems and automatic brakes detect potential hazards and can either alert drivers with an alarm or apply the brakes. Automatic tire pressure monitoring alerts drivers when tire pressures are off, which saves gas and avoids blowouts. A rollover mitigation system can sense the rotation of the vehicle around its center line. If you’re about to experience a rollover, the system will apply brake forces on individual wheels, steer the vehicle, and adjust the suspension to maintain as much stability as possible.

Lights, Camera, Action

Photo technology is being used to capture all kinds of information, like speeding, toll violations, and running red lights. Multi-directional dash cameras are growing in popularity, providing a comprehensive view of driving conditions. 360-degree cameras improve visibility when backing up, parking, or changing lanes.


Telematics is a powerful technology that sheds light on driver behavior. It improves safety by providing insights and measurable data on rapid acceleration, harsh braking, and seatbelt use. Regardless of the industry or fleet type, telematics helps protect your drivers and improve their behavior.

Cell Phone Blocking

Using a cell phone while driving greatly increases the chance of an accident. Cell phone blocking technologies have been in use for a while but have recently become smarter and more intuitive. This life-saving technology detects vehicle motion, forcing phones to turn on or off as needed. In addition to limiting cell phone usage, new vehicles offer voice control features that give drivers the ability to take calls and respond to emails and texts without physically touching the phone.

Advances in technology are keeping drivers safer than ever. As more industries adopt these changes, it improves on-the-road safety for everyone.

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