5 Ways to Reduce Fleet and Fuel Costs

26 Jun 2017, Posted by McPherson Oil in General

Fuel Services Gas Pump | McPherson Oil CompanyFleet managers know all too well the pressures that come with maintaining cost-effective fuel services. There’s no way to control or predict the cost of fuel, but fueling remains one of the largest operational costs for fleets. Use the following five strategic ways to reduce the overall costs of fueling and running your fleet of vehicles.

Control Fuel Costs with a Fuel Card Service

Corporate leaders and executives emphasize maximizing profits, which is why fleet managers try to save every cent possible at the fuel pump. Fuel card services offer discounts, promotions, and per-gallon rebates that help fleets save money on their bottom line.

Fleet fuel cards empower managers with the ability to set purchasing limits based on what types of items can be purchased, as well as days and times when purchasing is authorized. This curtails unauthorized purchases, such as personal items, snacks, and entertainment when drivers are out on the road.

Evaluate Your Fleet Policy

What policies and solutions do you have in place to reduce fleet costs? A great place to start is a preventative maintenance policy. This prevents future, unexpected and costly breakdowns from happening while extending the life of your fleet’s equipment.

If you’re having trouble with unauthorized purchases affecting fueling costs, implement a fuel purchasing policy. Using a fuel card enables you to limit usage to fuel purchases only, which allows you to save on costs while monitoring expenses.

Monitor Driver Behavior

Did you know that according to the EPA, driving behavior impacts fuel efficiency by as much as 33%? Issues like idling, hard braking, inconsistent speeds, excessive air conditioning use, and hard accelerations all take a toll on fleet fuel economy.

There are vehicle tracking systems that monitor and report driving behavior, but many of these issues can be corrected through training and education. Simple steps like keeping up with maintenance, using gear changes appropriately, and being aware of road conditions to avoid unnecessary braking and accelerating can all help save costs for fleet lines.

Manage Your Assets

Ensuring that your fleet is the right size to get the job done helps cut down on unnecessary spending on vehicles you don’t need. If you have older vehicles, compare their increased maintenance costs to their value in the resale market to determine when they need to be replaced.

Save with Total Petroleum Management

McPherson Oil is in the business of providing for all your fleet fueling needs through Total Petroleum Management. This includes everything from savings with a fleet fuel card to fuel contracts and delivery.

Let us save your company time and money and fleet and fueling costs. Contact McPherson Oil or call 888-802-7500 today.