McPherson's private label lubrication products pledge to deliver a quality product, superior performance, and exceptional value.

McPherson’s Proteck lubricants & KOST USA FRH products for the Steel Industry

Proteck is McPherson’s private label lubricant, designed to fulfill our customers’ expectations of quality, superior performance, and exceptional value. Proteck provides a comprehensive range of quality lubricants, all of which are API approved. When you see the Proteck logo on a product, you can be assured that it meets all required industry specifications.

Proteck Hydraulic AW Oils are premium quality industrial antiwear hydraulic oils that meets the toughest requirements of all the major hydraulic pump manufacturers.
* Made w/Group II base oils providing high viscosity index.
* Excellent oxidation stability and superior rust protection.
* Contain additives which enhance demulsibility & anti-foam properties.

Proteck EP Gear Oils are designed to surpass the performance of currently available industrial gear oil products.
* Protects gear boxes against wear and sludge
*EP protection maintained across the wide range of ISO viscosity grades.
*Outstanding wear protection, cleanliness, and water separation.

Proteck EP SD Circulating Oils are premium quality EP circulating lubricants designed for heavy-duty, high temperature applications.
* Exceptionally stable over a wide range of temperatures
* Accommodates high load carrying capacity.
* Provides exceptional demulsibility & extended lubrication life.

Proteck Ultra CS 865 1.5 grade Calcium Sulfonate grease is formulated to meet the demands of heavy industrial applications, especially steel mills, where high stress, load, water, and heat are present.
* Excellent mechanical stability & adhesion
* Exemplary resistance to water wash
* Reduces grease consumption

KOST USA’s premium FRH products have been formulated using leading-edge additive technology combined with the highest quality raw materials. They have been rigorously tested in both laboratory and manufacturing conditions and developed by collaborating with leading hydraulic and machinery manufacturers.

AchievAL FRH2 200 & 300 are premium water-glycol fire resistant fluids formulated with diethylene glycol and is designed to provide optimum performance in hydraulic systems where fire resistant fluids are required.

AchievAL® FRH 46 offers excellent pump lubrication and anti-wear characteristics resulting in optimum hydraulic system performance and extended pump life. It’s Factory Mutual approved as a less hazardous fluid and can be used in or near fire hazard applications.

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