Checklist for Comparing Private Label Lubricants

21 Dec 2016, Posted by McPherson Oil in General

Lubricant Comparison Checklist | McPherson Oil

Private label lubricants allow companies to further their brand’s reach by putting their own name on a lubricant. It’s a great way to expand brand awareness, but there is a risk that comes with putting your name on someone else’s product.

To be confident with a private label, you need to make sure it will perform well. Here are some things to consider when shopping for a private label lubricant.

Check the Features of a Private Label Lubricant First

Lubricant is set apart by the features that the private label provides with the product. For example, the lubricant should have excellent anti-wear properties, but also do a good job of cleaning the engine.

An oil that improves fuel economy is also important for today’s drivers. Choosing a private label lubricant with a wide variety of weight and viscosities is also very important. This way a customer doesn’t have to go to a different brand, just because the lubricant they need isn’t available in your brand.

It’s also important to have a lubricant provider that offers a complete line of products that includes synthetic blends and full synthetic oil. This way you can meet every type of customer’s needs.

Make Sure Your Private Label Lubricant Has a Warranty

Nothing is more important than the integrity of your company’s brand. If you put your name on a private label lubricant, then it needs to be one you can trust.  If the private label fails, then your brand could go down with it.

Check to make sure that the private label lubricant that you are considering stands behind its products. This is evidenced by a guarantee of protection or warranty.

Look for Added Services from the Private Label Lubricant Supplier

It’s not just about the quality of the private label lubricant. Considerations should also be made based on the services offered by the lubricant provider. For example, does your private label lubricant provider use dedicated trucks to deliver stock to your door?

There is also an advantage to having a supplier that will take an active role in learning how to best meet the needs of your company, helping you plan by foreseeing needs that will arise. This is an advantage that you will get with an experienced and knowledgeable team from a company that has been around for many years.

McPherson Oil supplies Proteck private label lubricant with both synthetic blends and full synthetic oil. Proteck offers high resistance to viscosity and thermal breakdown. Our advanced ZDDP additive extends wear performance.

Let our experienced team of specialists fill you in on all the possibilities for success with Proteck private label lubricant. Contact McPherson Oil to get started today.