Does the Color of Grease Matter?

03 Sep 2019, Posted by McPherson Oil in Oil Tips

While operators tend to associate the grease they use with a color, like deep red or bright blue. As described in the video from Mobil below, the color of the grease does not change the performance characteristics and it is only the manufacturer who determines what color their grease is.  Similar greases from different manufacturers can be different colors.  In the Mobil line, there are many different colors used:

  • Dark blue – typically for multipurpose greases made from conventional oil base stocks
  • Red – mostly for multipurpose synthetic greases
  • Grey – for those containing moly for many off-road equipment specifications, and
  • White or undyed greases –  typically used in paper machines or food-grade applications.

While the color can help identify and keep different greases separate on the job site or in the plant, the application is more important to select the right grease than the color.


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