Facility Operations Manager

Position Overview:
The successful candidates will join a southern regional, market leading company with over 40 years of success and where the Strategic Growth Plan has created expansion and gained market share generating a new challenge and opportunity to serve in New Orleans, LA.

This position is a career making opportunity with a dynamic, growth oriented, financially secure and stable Petroleum Distribution Company. The company encompasses multiple business units and fosters a unique, open, honest, and straightforward environment based on mutual respect and where everyone interacts collaboratively and functions as a coordinated team.

This regional market leading company (non-union) has facilities in four (4) southern states, bulk storage for 6.5 million gallons of petroleum product, approximately 205 employees and over $400 million in annual sales. The company’s distribution network includes rail and truck facilities and a company fleet of approximately 100 trucks. The Trussville facility is an RDC (Regional Distribution Center) that services up to 7 other distribution centers and supports regional direct sales. Total throughput from the Trussville facility exceeds 8 million gallons of lubes annually.

Primary Responsibilities and Duties:
• A progressive managerial career path from the Supply Chain Industry environment is required. Logistics Management experience is needed with a proven track record of success and accomplishments for: warehousing, inventory, distribution, fleet management, and inbound & outbound transportation.
• Managerial experience should include serving as a second tier level manager (supervisors and/or lead personnel as direct reports) in a comparable size organization.
• Candidate should have extensive experience with implementing and/or utilizing a Warehouse Management System, and Transportation Management System. Sophisticated software solutions such as JDE, Oracle, SAP, Ortec Systems background a plus.
• Financial knowledge and skills are needed to create, gain approval, implement, and control variances for operating, labor, and capital budgeting.
• Candidate should have experience developing, implementing, and maintaining lean manufacturing concepts and principles to ensure operational efficiencies to positively impact the Division’s performance.
• Operations management experience should encompass safety, production, cost control, inventory, quality, order performance, continuous improvement, safety (OSHA, EPA, DOT), and training.
• Candidate must have strong analytical decision-making skills, experience, and abilities to develop, implement, monitor, and control variance for realistic plans to support and accomplish the company’s goals and objectives.
• Candidate should have knowledge, skills, and abilities to lead the initiative to implement state-of-the-art technology and maximize returns.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
• A four-year undergraduate degree is preferred. Continuing education and/or appropriate certifications will be a plus. Candidates with commensurate experience will receive serious consideration.
• Candidate must have a solid foundation and demonstrated behavior validating honesty, ethics, and integrity. One who earns respect and builds trust and confidence readily with all employees by consistently demonstrating respect for others is needed; firm but fair and confident yet humble.
• Successful candidate must be a high performer, accomplishment oriented, self-motivated, and results oriented. Candidate must have a strong work ethic, sense of urgency, and a high energy level to lead the organization to the next level of success for improved performance, company growth, and improved profitability.
• Selected candidate must have skills, abilities, willingness/desire to communicate with everyone professionally, objectively, and effectively (verbal & written) based on mutual respect within and outside the organization to create understanding and enhance the teamwork environment.
• Leadership and management style based on respect, open and honest communications, and an achievement/accomplishment perspective that creates, supports and maintains positive and productive relationships and supports a teamwork environment.
• An “action oriented” philosophy and management style with a focus on predetermined objectives/goals and a manager motivated by opportunities to further train, teach and create a learning environment with continuous improvement as a constant is needed to ensure the success of others and the organization.
• Strong interpersonal skills and abilities, the desire to serve as an excellent listener, and the ability and willingness to serve as a team leader or member is need to:
o Work collaboratively with a diverse group (managerial staff to hourly warehouse employees)
o Meet the logistics/warehousing/distribution challenges
o Successfully implement and utilize state-of-the-art technology
o Meet the goals and objectives for continuous improvement

The job description of Facility Operations Manager is not inclusive and is subject to changes, additions, and deletions as determined by the supervisor.