Factors to Consider When Looking for Retail Fuel Service

11 Jan 2017, Posted by McPherson Oil in General

Retail Fuel Station | McPherson OilIt doesn’t matter if you operate a single convenience store or a chain of gas stations across a region. There are certain things owners and operators need to see when looking for a retail fuel service. For many convenience stores, fuel represents a significant percentage of their total revenue. For others, fuel drives and repeat business traffic to their stores. That makes choosing the right retail fuel service partner a critical decision.

Here are some factors to consider when looking for a retail fuel service for your c-store business.

Look for a Retail Fuel Service that Understands Distribution Logistics

Inventory management is a critical component of handling fuel price volatility and operating a profitable fueling station. You can’t control fuel prices but the last thing you want as a c-store owner or operator is to run out of gas or be carrying too much inventory of a certain grade of fuel.

Look for a retail fuel service that offers consulting services and advises on best practices around fuel management and retail distribution. This ensure owners and operators have all the information needed to maximize the efficiency of their fuel supply and meet consumer demand.

Choose a Retail Fuel Service that Provides Responsive Custom Service

Increased consumer demand, weather, and traffic patterns can all create unexpected circumstances. What happens when you need fuel delivered outside of regular business hours? Look for a retail fuel service provider who will respond to your emergency needs without delay.

This means the staff at their central office will provide responsive customer service that promptly answers your call.

Your retail fuel service should also have an extensive network of reliable trucks and strong relationships with local carriers to get fuel to your station whenever you need it. This includes situations where scheduled deliveries need to be re-rerouted to get fuel wherever you are.

Select a Retail Service Provider that Offers Convenience Beyond Fuel

Today’s c-stores and fueling stations need to offer as many amenities as possible to keep customers coming back. That’s why many include oil changes and maintenance services on site. If you run a garage at your location, look for a retail fuel service that does more than just deliver fuel. Such a service can provide lubricant removal, oil recycling, and other petroleum related services. This saves owners and operators valuable time and resources. It also makes operating these areas more convenient.

McPherson Oil offers best-in-class customer service, superior fuel distribution logistics, and convenient supplemental services for retail fueling stations. Contact us today at 888-802-7500 to find out more about what we can do for your c-store gas station.