Finding the Best Petroleum Equipment in Alabama

08 Jul 2015, Posted by McPherson Oil in News

You’ve got a lot of reasons to be concerned about your petroleum equipment.

For starters, check out this compliance list. It’s the Weights and Measures Inspection Checklist…they give c-stores this handy sheet (or use it against you) that checks off whether you’re in compliance or not.

Recommended actions on the list if not compliant include:

  1. Condemn
  2. Violation with 30 days to correct
  3. Violation with 10 days to correct
  4. Or a mandate to correct immediately.

And here are some of the areas they review:

  • Brand Name Posted
  • Correct Signs
  • Color Chart
  • If the octane decal, product labeling, and product screening are correctly displayed.
  • The water level is storage tanks exceeded
  • Hoses, nozzles, cabinets, display windows are working
  • If the amount is zero at startup
  • If the card reader is there.
  • If the printer and dispenser work properly and if the data plate is legible.


Now, what if you’re a C-store, and these things are not working? Where are you going to procure the replacements?

Start here at the Alabama Petroleum Equipment Contractors Association. They’ve got a lot of resources to help you get the equipment that you need. They can help you reach the Alabama Department of Environmental Management. In case you’re concerned about air and groundwater quality.

Or, what if you’re a big construction company and you need help retooling your equipment?

For example, did you know that even if there is 1% foreign matter or sludge in your lubricant tanks – that may cut the lifespan of your oil in half?

That’s why it’s important not just to get the right equipment, but to nab the right help.

The right help can reduce the time your equipment is offline, and extend its usable life. It can also extend the life of your lubricants and lower your costs while increasing production.

Your lubricants influence many things, which is why keeping them and their equipment in working order is going to give you the most for your money.

What does it take to keep your oils and lubricants in tip-top shape?

Getting experts to review your plant, storage, leaks and the oil itself is all-important. Getting experts to maintain your oil reservoirs and inspect your hydraulics, as well as train your own employees in the proper maintenance of equipment will keep 3rd services at a minimum, and your products in maximum shape.

All of this takes a supplier that deals not just in lubricants, but what it takes to make them work. That’s why calling McPherson Oil is one of the best moves that you can make.

Think about it – a full-service oil and product shop that makes house calls. They’ll get you up and running for longer in no time.