Gas Cards versus Fleet Fuel Cards

07 Feb 2018, Posted by McPherson Oil in Industry Information

Man Editing Online Spreadsheet Retail Fuel Services | McPherson OilWith ever-changing diesel prices, fuel continues to be one of the largest expenses for carriers. By controlling that cost, it’s certain that you’ll get a higher return on investment (ROI). As part of that effort, you could implement either a gas or fleet fuel card. Do you know which type of card is best for your retail fuel services? Essentially, a fleet card is a credit card that allows supervisors to manage, report, and control their company’s fuel while saving time and money.  

Here’s how a fuel card can save your fleet time and bottom line.  

1. Spending Control for Fleet Managers  

At the touch of your fingers, you will be able to see who is spending what and where. You can limit each driver’s purchasing power on an individual basis and even establish weekly limits and maximum transactions. You have the ability to report any discrepancies before they get out of control. By catching these people in the act, you can save your company thousands of dollars!  

2. Save Time on IFTA Taxes  

In comparison to a credit card, fleet fuel cards offer more data. Drivers will automatically be prompted to enter additional information like their odometer readings and PIN when they swipe their card. This will save you thousands on your IFTA taxes because you will be cutting down on your accounting and administrative costs.     

3. No Out-of-Pocket Expenses for Drivers  

With a fuel card, drivers don’t have to pay for fuel out of pocket, keep up with receipts, and then wait for reimbursement. With a fuel card, they’ll feel safer than if they had to carry around a lot of cash. Not to mention, it eliminates the paperwork process, saving the company time and money.  

4. Discounts and Rebates 

Almost all fuel stores across the country accept fleet fuel cards. Most of them offer competitive discounts and rebates, ranging from two to twenty cents off every gallon and very low transaction fees.  

5. Fraud Protection  

Using a fuel card is the best and safest way to purchase fuel. An extra security measure is in place for drivers to enter their PIN when they use their card. This protects against fraudulent behavior since the card is deemed unusable without the entry of a secure pin number. Fleet administrators only have secure access to deactivate lost or stolen cards.   

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