How Private Label Lubricants Provide Value in Cost Savings

03 Aug 2016, Posted by McPherson Oil in Oil Tips

When you go to the grocery store, you will notice on the shelves both name brand products and private label products, usually in the same section. The name brand product may have a great deal of brand recognition due to heavy advertising. However, if you’ve found yourself reaching for the private label product, chances are that you have benefited from a quality product at a great price.  Proteck Oil Product | McPherson Oil

Just as grocery stores benefit their shoppers with private label groceries, oil companies that offer private label lubricants extend value to their customers. Check out these ways a private label lubricant gives you the advantage in your industry.

Value from Saving

Right out of the starting gate the private label lubricant has the advantage. A name brand puts large amounts of money into advertising, but a private label lubricant often spends less here. This leaves the name brand more expensive, while the private label option passes along the savings to you.

For the company selling it, a private label lubricant provides more of a profit margin and more value for its customers. For an industrial business using a private label lubricant, it gives a better deal on product because of wholesale pricing.

Quality that Meets Standards

A private label lubricant will meet or exceed the standards set by the automotive and industrial industry. Make sure to check specifications, but generally you will be getting a product that is just as fit as its national brand counterpart.

Why spend extra money on a brand that costs more due to advertising? Avoid the extra costs and choose a private label that will perform just as well.

Warranty that Backs It Up

A private label lubricant shouldn’t sacrifice quality for value. Nothing supports this better than a private label lubricant warranty. A good warranty will cement the private label lubricant in your mind as a dependable option that you can use with confidence, knowing it will meet your needs.

This private label lubricant dependability will reinforce your company’s stability whether you are a retailer whose name is on the line or an industry that depends on lubricants to keep your machines running smoothly.

Flexibility with You in Mind

Often, when purchasing a brand name lubricant, you will be required to stock a certain amount of the product. This leaves you with a lack of flexibility. However, with a private label lubricant, you will be able to customize the amount you order to meet the needs of your company and your budget.

Don’t be afraid to make the shift from a brand name to a private label lubricant. You won’t be able to tell a difference, except where it counts – your company’s dollars.