How to conduct a gear inspection

25 Sep 2020, Posted by McPherson Oil in Industry Information

To improve the life and performance of gears, it’s important for maintenance personnel to understand how to inspect, report, and document the condition of these critical units. The inspection results can improve the life and performance of gear units, as well as estimate gear life and the impact of recommended improvements in operation and maintenance.

When completed, the inspection report may show one or more areas of opportunity including:

  • Identification of best lubricant for your application
  • Abnormal operation temperatures
  • Lubricant contamination
  • Overloading of gear units
  • Misalignment of gears
  • Coupling malfunctions
  • Desire to extend oil drain interval
  • Filtration practices

These opportunities for improvement, once addressed, can lead to fewer gear replacements, reduced downtime, lower maintenance and labor costs, and more!

Want to know more?  Curious about the steps in the inspection process? Click on the flow chart below to view the steps and additional benefits of a gear inspection.


We, along with our partners at ExxonMobil and their MobilServ team are happy to offer inspection services to help you determine the status of your gears and systems. Our team of experienced engineers can document each component and offer suggestions to keep them up and running,  Together with your team, we can:

  • Identify critical gear units and learn about current performance and opportunities
  • Schedule gear inspections during planned plant or system outages
  • Allow for inspections during unscheduled outages or failures
  • Record component conditions using standard procedures and document and communicate wear trends
  • Compare results with previous inspection data, and industry and equipment benchmarks
  • Document recommendations and justify with return on investment/total cost of ownership
  • Present and distribute the complete report to plant management


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