How to Fuel Your Trucks in Winter Weather 

06 Dec 2016, Posted by McPherson Oil in General

How to Fuel Your Trucks in Winter Weather | McPherson OilTrucks in your fleet can suffer in the cold weather from various problems. These problems cause your mechanics to work overtime and drivers to miss their routes. Here are a couple of fueling suggestions to consider as you use fuel services.

They could mean the difference between losing money on a parked fleet versus a smoothly running one.

Winter Fuel

If you want to keep your fleet on the move, it’s important to switch over to winterized diesel fuel. In the winter, normal fuel can form ice crystals that clog the system. Winter blended fuel combats this gelling. Gas stations and fuel companies treat and blend diesel fuel so that it holds up to the lowest temperatures for the current month of the year, making it work better in the winter temperatures.

Keep the Fuel Tank Full

Keeping your fleet’s fuel tanks full can really help your fleet run better. The reason for this is that empty space in the fuel tanks causes condensation to build up. Condensation will make your trucks run rough or not start at all. Keep the tanks at least half full to avoid this problem. Good communication with your drivers can implement this practice.

Use Fuel Additives

Anytime the temperature dips below 20° F, you should be using fuel additives that decrease the chances of fuel gelling. An engine will start to run rough when the fuel starts to gel. When you see the signs of gelling, it’s sometimes too late to do anything about it out on the road. The best prevention is to treat fuel with anti-gel additive ahead of time.

Plan Ahead

Take a look at the places your trucks will be travelling this winter and the accompanying weather conditions. If your trucks travel through a cold area that causes the diesel to freeze, it will be costly to get them on the road again. Find out what the coldest temperature your trucks will encounter on their route and plan accordingly. The colder the temperature your fleet encounters, the more anti-gel additive you’ll need to add.

A Fuel Partner

Keep these tips in mind this winter, and you will have fewer hiccups in day-to-day logistics. McPherson Oil is here to help make your business run better by supplying all of your petroleum needs. With our Total Petroleum Management System, we enable your fleet to run with more efficiency. We even provide oil recycling services to our customers. DEF fluid, oil, fuel, and coolant are all part of the services that we offer to fleets. McPherson Oil even offers a fuel fleet card so you can monitor expenses throughout the winter.

Give McPherson a call this winter and keep your fleet running like a well-oiled machine.