Investing in IT Can Increase Retail Fuel Sales

21 Aug 2017, Posted by McPherson Oil in Industry Information

Retail Fuel Services Mobile POS Technology | McPherson OilThe amount of influence IT can have on a retail store is often underestimated. The IHL Group and NCR corporation, global leaders in omni-channel solutions, recently published a study that shows the immense benefits of investing in technology for your business.  

The sales of your retail fuel services could skyrocket with a few technological additions. Here are the best ways you can start profiting by incorporating IT into your business. 

Go Mobile! 

Everyone is constantly connected through their mobile devices, and they expect this seamless experience to spill over into their retail experiences. Whether you implement modern point-of-sale technology, or simply equip your staff with a mobile tool, it can grow your sales significantly and boost your business’s reputation.
The study shows that staff who had access to mobile sales tools had a 77% boost in sales. In addition, a business that had a mobile point-of-sale, as opposed to a traditional check out terminal, almost doubled their sales.  

Don’t miss out on sales growth by being conservative with your technology budget. In the end, a small investment could lead to a great gain. 

Harness the Power of Free Wi-Fi 

Not only do consumers want internet access at all times, they want it to be fast and reliable. Most people have access on their smart phones, but this service can be slow or non-existent in certain areas. Also, most laptops do not connect through a mobile service provider.

IHL and NCR’s study showed that stores that offered Wi-Fi received a bolstering 663% increase in sales after implementing their network. Accommodating your customers with the accessibility of internet connectivity makes for a much more desirable destination for your customers. 

Achieve the Right Balance 

These impressive numbers might tempt you to throw as much of your budget as possible at IT, but it is important to maintain a balance. If you ignore other areas to only focus on IT, you will limit your business’s ability to be successful.
Mark Benjamin, President and COO of NCR, reflected on the study by saying, “Successful retailers understand that they need to focus on every area simultaneously, and align these systems in a balanced and strategic way, if they are to unlock all the transformational benefits that technology can bring.”

A strategy paired with the right technology for your customer’s needs is crucial for success. Grow your business to its full potential by implementing technology services into your business strategy. Today’s investment is tomorrow’s profit.
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