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17 Jan 2018, Posted by McPherson Oil in General, Industry Information

fuel services truck | McPherson OilFuel costs are a necessary evil for fleet managers especially because it’s one of the biggest expenses. However, the cost, time, and resources spent on filling up each vehicle can be better leveraged with the convenience of on-site fuel services. 

This type of program, sometimes called mobile fueling, was designed specifically to save your company time and money. Here are four things you and your budget will love about on-site fueling. 

Get Your Drivers on the Road Faster 

Your drivers are paid to deliver cargo, not to fuel their vehicles. While they’re out on delivery, they take time out of their route to fill up. That’s time you’re paying them for and time they’re not spending on delivering product.  

With mobile fueling, a dedicated employee gets the job done before the drivers even leave the dispatch office. The employee scans a vehicle’s barcode, informing him what kind of fuel it requires. He’ll record the odometer reading, fill up, and move on to the next. This puts your drivers to work faster than if they fueled up themselves. 

Avoid Fraudulent Spending  

Not only will mobile fueling streamline workflows, but you’ll have better control of how your dollars are spent. Once the employee fuels all the vehicles, you’ll get a receipt that documents all the details from that fleet’s fuel usage.  

No longer are the days that you trust drivers to keep up with receipts or put the right product in their vehicle. Another threat is the possibility of filling up unauthorized vehicles when drivers fill up off-site. On-site fueling prevents this risk by only dispensing to approved vehicles. When you take your drivers out of the fueling equation, you reduce the chance of fraudulent spending. 

Reduce Vehicles’ Mileage 

Although it doesn’t seem like much, the added miles your drivers go to reach the fuel station quickly add up, leading to more money spent. When you combine fuel, vehicle, and labor, the average loaded cost per mile comes out around $3.00. If your driver goes an extra 3 miles to get to the service station, your cost comes to $9.00 for transportation, which equals an extra 45 cents per gallon. This problem is magnified when those miles are duplicated across the entire fleet. 

Networking for the Best Deals 

One of the best parts of working with an on-site fueling vendor is having access to their network of partnerships. If your drivers are fueling off site, they’re forced to oblige by whatever the market price. With benefits like fuel hedging and pricing, your partner will get you the best deals and better price forecasting. 

If you want to extend your business’s investment to include on-site fuel services, McPherson Oil can help. We have been serving customers with comprehensive fuel distribution and total petroleum management for over forty years. Contact us or call 1-888-802-7500 today to learn more about our products and services.  

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