Make Your Shop Stand Out

27 Feb 2019, Posted by McPherson Oil in Oil Tips

These days, consumers have several options for where to get their vehicles oil changed, tires rotated, or simple car maintenance completed.  Whether you’re a mom & pop shop or a well-known chain, you need to stand out from the crowd. Here are some ways to make sure your shop stands above the rest:

A Clean Shop

Ever walked into a dirty store or restaurant? Did you ever return? It’s the same for a shop. The organization and cleanliness of your garage and waiting room say a lot about how much you value your shop’s image. Spare parts outside, trash in the parking lot, a cluttered waiting area – they are all part of the maintenance experience. If it appears that you don’t take care of your own shop, customers may not trust that you and your team are going to care much about your car.

Reasonable Pricing

This works both ways. Too cheap is just that – consumers may feel that something will be left out or missed. After all, customers know they get what they pay for.  However, charging too much could turn customers away.  Yes, you want to cover cost of parts as well as make your margin, but overcharging can lead to customer decline. Tip: If you want to compare prices, do some undercover calls around to the other shops in the area and ask how much they charge for certain services.

Clear Communication

Listen to your customers request and make sure you talk to them before you do any additional work on their car.  If you begin taking apart the vehicle without the customers consent, you’re in for an awkward conversation and a lost customer. 

Another good tip is to show the dipstick before and after the oil change.  Explain what you’re showing them before the oil change and what they should expect to see after. This shows transparency and often leaves the customer knowing you will be up front with them upon any car issues in the future.

Stay Stocked  

Nothing is worse to a customer than pulling up to a car lube center and there is no oil.  Keep up with your filters, parts and lubricant inventory to make sure you never run out of product.

McPherson Oil is proud to help you maintain your lubricant supply with our Total Petroleum Management.  We take the guess work out of when to order by monitoring your tanks and supplies.  Contact us today and find out how we can assist you.



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