Mobil Pegasus Compressor Oil Product Launch

19 Nov 2020, Posted by McPherson Oil in Product Announcements

As you know, there are various forms of gases that are compressed at petrochemical facilities, as well as in midstream operations in the natural gas industry. Mobil Pegasus Compressor Oil 264 and 460 is typically used to lubricate natural gas reciprocating compressors, but can also be used when compressing process gas depending on its composition. If the gas being compressed in part of your operations is sour, wet, or contaminated with scrubber solution, Mobil Pegasus Compressor Oil 264 or 460 should be used rather than an engine oil type lubricant. These products have proven successful in Canada, and we are extending these products to the U.S. market to ensure we have the product offer that meets your lubrication needs.

We are delighted to inform you that Mobil Pegasus Compressor Oil 264 and 460 will be live in the United States effective immediately. Mobil Pegasus Compressor Oil 264 and 460 are designed to provide improvements in low-temperature performance, oxidation stability, and deposit control versus our current product offer for these applications, which help deliver incremental performance for your operations.

Mobil Pegasus Compressor Oil 264 and 460 are compatible with Mobil DTETM 205 but to take full advantage of the performance of these oils, we recommended running your tanks down to 10% or less before switching to these products.



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