More than a distributor

06 Feb 2019, Posted by McPherson Oil in Oil Tips

Each manufacturer and plant is different, and therefore a one-size-fits-all approach to lubricants doesn’t work.  Each piece of equipment may require a different lubrication or even technique that plant managers need to know. An oil supplier needs to tailor to the company’s needs and business goals.

Experienced Oil Distributors, those having years of experience working with industrial plants and manufacturers, can help a distributor recognize and identify the best solution for the needs of specific equipment. But what practices should you look for in your oil distributor?

1. Assess your product mix

What works for one manufacturer may not work for the other.  Each piece of equipment is different and needs special lubrication to maintain it’s efficiency.  By analyzing your equipment, specifications and conditions, an oil distributor will be able to provide a recommendation of the proper mix of lubricants for your plant.  Best part, it will all come from one source so you do not have to keep up with multiple vendors. 

2. Recommend proper storage and handling processes

Improper storage and handling can significantly reduce a lubricant’s effectiveness, possibly even turning it into waste both physically and financially.  An oil distributor will be able to do a storage and handling study on all of your lubricants, including inventory, ordering patterns, and logistics.  The distributor will also look at safety and environmental issues as well as capital or other investments that may be needed.  He or she will provide a report concerning storage and handling practices complete with recommendations.  This will help improve not only the life of your lubricant, but the safety of your workers. 

3. Use Data to Improve Equipment Performance

Used oil analysis are critical to accessing your equipment health. Analysis of the oil after it has been through your machines tells a lot about the condition of the equipment and diagnose equipment issues.  Early detection can be the difference between a simple, cost savings repair and a plant-stopping, expensive replacement.  In short: an oil analysis can ensure your equipment is operating at its maximum.

Working with a lubricant supplier can benefit your operation.  It can save money both in product and in day to day cost of operations.  McPherson Oil offers a great selection of industrial engineering that will help your plant run efficiently and effectively. We can tailor a program of lubricants and studies that will fit your plant.  Contact us today!



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