New & Improved HD ELC – Product Announcement

27 Feb 2020, Posted by McPherson Oil in Product Announcements

KOST® USA is excited to announce that we will be rolling out a NEW formulation of our DefendAL® HD ELC Antifreeze. This formula will offer the same excellent protection with NO 2-EH! 2-Ethylhexanoic acid (2-EH) is an organic acid inhibitor commonly found in organic acid technology (OAT) coolants. While this inhibitor is highly effective in preventing corrosion, it can damage silicone seals, hoses, and gaskets. When a coolant containing 2-EH is used in a system with silicone, the silicone can shrink and dry, distorting its shape and causing leaks.

Some HD OEMs, such as Cummins®, use silicone seals, hoses, and gaskets in some engine models, so they require a coolant free of 2-EH. Owners of Heavy-Duty engines must be careful, however, because most HD Extended Life

Coolants (typically marketed as CAT EC-1 coolants) still contain 2-EH! KOST® USA’s new formulation of DefendAL® HD ELC contains NO 2-EH, so you can rest assured when using it – whether your fleet includes CAT®, Cummins®, or both you’ll be protecting your silicone seals, hoses and gaskets.

We are proud to carry this product as well as many other of KOST® USA’s product line.  Contact us today to order!