Pet Friendly Truck Stop Guide

21 Aug 2017, Posted by McPherson Oil in General

Fuel Services Dog Hanging Out of Car Window | McPherson OilLife on the road can be long and often boring. Having a furry friend travel with you can make it better. However, it’s not without some challenges. For one, you’ll need to make sure when you need fuel services, you choose a pet friendly truck stop.  

More than 40% of truck drivers state that they travel with their pets. Before you buckle up and go, familiarize yourself with the best ways to keep you and your companion safe and comfortable. This guide will help you identify the friendliest stops for you and your pet.  

Pet Friendly Truck Stops & Rest Areas 

Keep in mind that facilities are regularly updated, so it never hurts to call and check. In general, most TA/Petro Shopping Centers have pet areas. This gives you an area to let your friend take a break or get some exercise.  

Traveling through Iowa? Iowa 80 in Walcott has a self-serve pet wash so you can give your dog AND your truck a wash down. In Florida, the 595 Truck Stop in Davie has a dog park. If you’re headed out west, the 49er Travel Plaza in Sacramento will welcome your furry friend with its pet wash and walking areas.  

Benefits of Traveling with Your Pet 

Letting your pet ride shotgun has been proven to reduce loneliness and depression. Many drivers report improved health habits thanks to traveling with their furry companion. Being responsible for the wellbeing of their animal helps many drivers practice safe driving habits.  

Smokers have also stated that a pet helps them quit to avoid the risk of secondhand smoke. Taking a break and going on walks is a great way to get exercise, which reduces the risk of diabetes, weight gain, and other common health concerns.  

Keep Your Pet Safe and Comfortable 

Whenever you stop for fuel, take the time to get fresh air and exercise with your pet. Even if you can go long stretches without stopping, keep in mind that animals need more frequent bathroom breaks.  

Try to create a secure riding area, and block off access to areas where your furry friend could get tangled or into mischief. Never leave them outside, tied up, or unattended. They could run away, get hit by a car, or be stolen.  

It’s a good idea to keep your pet’s health records in your truck. Trucking exposes your animal to health risks such as motion sickness, heartworm, fleas, and more. Talk to your vet about any medicines or precautions you need to take.  

McPherson Oil is proud to offer fuel services for a wide array of fleet management needs. The Fuelz fleet card will give you fuel discounts at pet-friendly truck stops across the nation. Cardholders save as much as 15% through our exclusive fuel discounts. Call us at 888-802-7500 or contact us today to get started.