Fuel Contracts

fuel-contractsWhy Pay More?

Maybe you’re concerned by the volatility of the diesel fuel market – an important consideration when you need diesel fuel.

We all know diesel prices remain higher on average even during periods of price decline on fuel, and those costs can eat you at the pump, biting away savings from a fleet’s bulk discounts. We can help remove or mitigate the price swings.

Call Us When You Need to Save on Fuel

Public paving projects, mining, running off-grid operations in which you’ll feed your own generators – these are all fuel intensive investments.

If your company is planning a large-scale project that is going to consume a lot of diesel fuel, McPherson has a way to help you mitigate your costs and increase your profitability.  It’s Part of Total Petroleum Management.

Our TPM program means we deliver all of your fuel and lubricant needs with McPherson services alone, saving you from costly outsourcing – because each company brings its own fees, logistics and management difficulties. Instead of hassle and expense, just partner with us and we’ll take care of everything.

Schedule Your Profits

You can know you price of diesel in six months with our TPM solution. We stop your diesel price flux with our fuel contracts.

Because diesel fuel prices can change dramatically, hitting your company’s bottom line profitability, we’ve developed McPherson’s own Risk Management program.

McPherson flattens the volatility of diesel fuel costs by fixing the rate you’ll pay for diesel fuel for a set time. This will help you to budget your future costs on a schedule that you can most easily finance, because you’ll know what’s ahead.

1-12 Month Contracts

Our fixed fuel contracts allow our partners to fix prices on diesel fuel for periods of 1 to 12 months.

Note: Fixed fuel and other contracts are not suited for all companies. We design them for companies who know the volatility of the fuel markets and are comfortable with establishing a set price for their fuel needs for a period of time.

Benefits of Fixed Fuel Contracts with McPherson

Our contracts eliminates your exposure to price increases.

We provide you with a competitive advantage during periods of rising prices.

Contract allow you to budget fuel unit costs with 100 percent certainty.

We help you beat the market

Our requirements for you:

As we noted, these programs are not for every company.

  • No fuel volume minimum
  • Time period is allotted from 1-12 months
  • Fixed term by the month
  • Fixed prices and volume set by market


Call Us Now to Negotiate the Best Fuel Contract!

Fixed fuel contracts are a proven way to save you money, and will stabilize your company’s fuel costs for a set period of time. That helps you attain special projects or weather changes in the market.

But the earlier that you speak with our experienced staff, the better. The sooner that you begin planning your fuel needs with us – the faster we’ll be able to save you money…or strategize the best opportunity to do so.

Call us now to discover if a fixed fuel contract can help you or to become a McPherson fixed fuel partner today.
Our fuel contract specialist is Chris Smith.
Call him at 205-661-4430 or email: csmith@mcphersonoil.com.
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