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What McPherson Can Do For You

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At McPherson, we’re your partner.

That means we can get you onto the inside track when it comes to understanding the market. We can be your broker to access to fuel products for government and official fleet use.

It only makes sense to get into the oil game now, while there’s a glut of product, the US reserves are overstocked and prices are about to climb again. Remember, the good news is that despite the market’s low price, oil remains in demand and will be far into the foreseeable future. It will still be in 2040, at the height of the natural gas boom.

In fact, in coming decades the desire for oil will be huge as other natural options emerge and the economy struggles to retool. We can work together to supply America with the oil it needs at this historic point in lubricant production.

Our Network Difference

Only McPherson has Total Petroleum Management. This means that at McPherson we make our standard to fulfill every need of our customers. Pursuing that goal has made us the leader in petroleum products and transport across the Southeastern United States.

It has also given us long-standing relationships with major transnational oil companies, brokers and government agencies. We can uniquely act as the broker for sought after contracts, whether you’re in private or public enterprise.

Imagine, you’re already working with McPherson to help get your company the oil and lubricants you need. In addition, we can help you find new markets for those products in the government sector.

What Our TPM Difference Gets You

Imagine getting your petroleum needs met from a single supplier…helping you save on logistics and giving you faster, more competent service.

Not only do you get this all encompassing service, you’ll get our inside knowledge of the industry from both the private and government sectors.

Join Us

You’ll also be joining an exclusive McPherson partnership, where we’ll work to meet your unique needs and find the best players who will get you the most product for your money, or who will pay you a preferred rate for your oil.

Not only will you enjoy all of the services that we offer at McPherson, but you’ll get inside the halls of power and capitalize on what may be the last rising tide of oil.

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