Proteck and the Benefits of Longer Drain Intervals

14 Sep 2016, Posted by McPherson Oil in General

Forty years ago, most vehicles took 10W40 oil that needed to be changed every 3,000 miles. But as the designs of engines and lubricants continue to advance, this is no longer the case. With new technology, it is now common for vehicles to have OEM-recommended intervals anywhere from 15,000 miles up to 40,000 miles between oil changes, or even higher in rare cases.  Private Label Lubricants | McPherson Oil

If you’re working with heavy-duty diesel engines, it is even more important to have lubrication that can meet durability demands and comply with emissions control. The McPherson Oil Company’s private label lubricant Proteck is specifically formulated to maximize the performance of diesel and gasoline engines and exceed customers’ expectations of quality.

Factors Affecting Drain Intervals

As it circulates throughout your motor, engine lubricating oil performs critical functions to maintain high performance and stretch useful service life. Although the American Petroleum Institutes (API) and engine manufacturers give recommendations, there are a number of factors that influence the length of drain intervals – extreme heat or cold, extended idle time, airborne contaminants, and heavy engine load can all have negative effects on your oil.

Compared to traditional oils, synthetic motor oils offer many advantages such as better viscosity at extreme temperatures and resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdown. They are packed full with antioxidants and engineered to resist degradation, allowing for much longer oil drain intervals.

Save Money with Extended Drain Intervals

Using synthetic motor oils to extend your fleet’s drain intervals can greatly improve the performance of your vehicles, reduce oil consumption, and reduce maintenance costs. They help combat the build up of contaminants while slowing additive depletion, which helps keep your vehicles in the best driving condition at all times.

Consider how difficult it is to start your engine in extreme cold climates. With the lower viscosity of synthetic oil, your engine will turn over more easily due to less oil resistance. This can improve the life span of your battery as well as your starter.  These oils also reduce internal friction, which can increase the efficiency of your engine and protect it from wear. Studies have shown that these oils can lead to a 1-3% increase in fuel economy and reduce emissions.

Get Longer Drain Intervals with Proteck

Not all motor oils are created equally – you need advanced oil that can effectively balance extended drain intervals and emissions control. Proteck features a full line of API-approved high-quality lubricants to maximize your fleet’s performance in any operating environment. Proteck’s Elite J Full Synthetic Engine Oils are formulated with wear protection and oxidation control in order to maintain cleanliness and increase the life of heavy-duty diesel or gasoline engines.

Whether you run a heavy-duty fleet or you need synthetic blend passenger car oil, Proteck lubricants deliver quality and great performance at an affordable price. For more information on Proteck products, contact us today!