The Oil Analysis Before the Analysis

02 Dec 2019, Posted by McPherson Oil in General

Oil AnalysisWhen a technician wants to see of a machine is operating properly, they will probably take an oil sample, send it to the lab and wait on results.  But before you send that sample to the lab, let’s look at the less expensive and time-consuming ways you can tell if your machine is performing as it should.

The first indicator is a color and clarity test.   As oil ages, it goes from a lighter color to a darker color.  This is caused by oxidation, but it could also be two oils mixes together.  If the sample is sludgy or cloudy, water has likely penetrated the oil.  In this case, the oil will need to be changed or dehydrated.  Also, if this occurs, check for water entrances in the machine.

Second is a particle test.  Grab a laser light and shine it through the sample.  If you see floating specks in the oil, it has been contaminated.

Let’s take it one step further.  Take a magnet and hold it to the side of the sample.  Any metal particles will attach to the magnet. If nothing attaches, the particles are not made of metal. This can help you determine where the contamination is coming from. To get a better look at the metal fragments, hold the magnet against the side and empty out the oil. You will then be able to inspect the particles without having to fish them out.

While you will still want to send your sample off, these are a few easy ways to implement a front-line defense. Performing these simple tests can help eliminate certain areas and help you focus on what needs to be done to get your machine up and running.

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