Three Ways a Private Label Lubricants Partner Will Save You Money

17 Aug 2016, Posted by McPherson Oil in Oil Tips

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Private label lubricants are an option for both businesses and consumers who are looking for an alternative to big name brands.

1. Products are Typically the Same But Different in Price 

The big name branding is generally smoke and mirrors, but what is inside the bottle isn’t any better than an off-brand product. Price increases for name brand lubricant simply means that you’re paying more for a name brand… because it’s the name brand.

2. Formulations Can Also Be Cutting Edge 

Despite the general similarity of many products, you can also find formulations of private label oils may be different from their competitors.

When you’re talking with a lubricant company about the process, you can get specifics about what the fluids and chemicals are that they use. You may even get some authority over the process, or at least have the opportunity to choose a company whose petroleum lube process and ingredients you prefer.

3. You Can Get Serious Service 

Big brands have scale. Small private label lubes may have boutique perks. Fewer buyers can mean the company just tries harder.

  • Service and other particulars may be greater with an off-brand private label that specializes in a niche offering, or offers only regional supply.
  • There can be less fear of going out of stock when unique relationships are formed with your private label supplier, and you’re guaranteed shipments at high speed or at more intervals.
  • This service can include private brand packaging, co-opting the private label under your own and saving you resources in developing a lubricant product. You may also get special product pricing, marketing and distribution when working with a regional supplier.
  • Because a private label brand isn’t easily found at every location, when you create a customer base for a private label at your store, you’ll have a built-in commodity that brings repeat customers who enjoy the lower price, packaging or performance of the product. This allows you to compete with larger stores – even mega-stores, if the product that people want is on your shelves only.
  • With the right private label partner, you can have a low investment ceiling and start with a small order to test the product.
  • A great partner can also store the majority of the product, which means you don’t have to keep vast quantities in-house, but order it just as you require.
  • You also don’t have to be a large company. Because of the flexibility inherent within the private labeling business, even small distributers can procure private label products

How Do You Find Out About Service?

Ask questions concerning what is included with a private label oil purchase, and if there are benefits that could be waiting if you make the switch from what you currently use.