Top 5 Benefits of Private Label Lubricants for Fleets

13 Apr 2016, Posted by McPherson Oil in Oil Tips

1. Paying Less for Oil and Lubricants

First, you’ll pay less for a private label lubricant, such as Proteck, and still get all the quality of the big name brands. That’s because there really isn’t any difference between in the makeup of the oil that you’ve heard of and the oil that you haven’t, except in packaging. Private Label Lubricants | McPherson Oil Company

2. Having a Powerful Partner

When you deal with a healthy distributor, then you’ll be getting a better deal than what your competitors are paying. It helps to work with the largest oil company in the South, one that is recognized as a leading name in wholesale lubricant distribution. That will help you get your product in on time and in the quantity that you need.

Proteck is ideal for every commercial and industrial buyer; this includes fleets, aircraft, marine, construction and mining companies.

3. Getting the Right Help

The right private label lubricants company is going to collect enough information about your needs to be able to ensure you have the best program. With surveys that gather information about your fleet and equipment requirements, the private label lubricants manufacturer can ascertain exactly what gets you the best value.

4. Getting Greater Longevity for Your Vehicles

If you shop around, you’ll find excellent private label oils that bring resistance to your vehicles against dirt and residue build-up. Proteck is ideal as a private label oil because it is fortified above standard SN/ILSAC GF-5 performance requirements.

This provides you with powerful anti-wear and antioxidant potential. It also leads to less corrosive destruction to moving parts from the lack of a high-level oil.

You’ll also experience better control of sludge and TBN retention with Proteck. It contains additives of detergents and dispersants that curb the contamination inside your motor oil.

Sludge arrives into your engine through the natural combustion process, which isn’t always efficient. Combustion leaves trace amounts of contaminated material, including dirty fuel or other chemicals that remain after an incomplete combustion.

Formulated with an advanced ZDDP additive for extended wear performance, this typically is invested within the oil at about 1 percent. It’s a low amount since too much ZDDP may be damaging to the catalytic converter. However, check with your supplier as ZDDP is often higher, by percentage, in diesel fuel.

5. Enjoy Fuel Efficiency and Lower Exhaust Emissions

The benefits of these additives within Proteck include reducing friction, less wear on the engine and an overall boost in your fleet’s fuel economy. You’ll give to your cars and trucks a higher resistance to viscosity and thermal corrosion. The right private label oil also allows you to tone down volatility burn-off, which can reduce deposits in the engine and exhaust emissions.

For more information on the benefits of a private label lubricant like Proteck, contact us at McPherson Oil today!