What Business Owners Look for in Fuel Services

13 Mar 2017, Posted by McPherson Oil in Industry Information

Today’s business owners are continually looking to maximize their vendor relationships. Not only are they looking for high quality products and reliable customer service from their vendors, but they are also looking for vendors with experienced professionals on staff who can help them identify savings, improve logistics, and reach their long-term goals.

Overall, business owners are looking to all types of vendors to take a comprehensive approach to their relationships. This includes fuel services vendors who provide oil products and gasoline to convenience stores, trucking companies and other commercial and industrial businesses. Here are three things business owners look for in fuel services.

Savings at the Pump

Two key words that apply to operating a fleet are flexibility and affordability. Flexibility because hundreds of trucks must be routed across vast regions to ensure goods are distributed and delivered. Affordability because fuel takes up a significant portion of a fleet’s budget.

A fuel services provider that offers a fleet fuel card can help in both these areas. Fleet fuel cards generate savings at the pump in the form of rebates and discounts. Savings can be as much as 15 percent and nationwide acceptance of a fleet fuel card ensures drivers don’t waste time and fuel looking for a place to gas up. Because not every fuel service provider offers fleet fuel cards, partnering with one that does gives business owners a significant advantage.

Safety from Price Swings

Political, economic, geographic and weather-related issues make the oil market a hotbed of volatility. Unexpected price swings make it difficult for oil-dependent businesses like convenience stores and retail fueling stations to forecast expenses. If you can’t set a stable budget to run your business, then you won’t be able to reach your profit goals. Therefore, business owners look to their fuel services provider to offer fixed fuel contracts. Fixed fuel contracts set rates for a defined period of time. This reduces the shock of any sudden increases in fuel prices and allows businesses to budget with greater certainty.

One Stop Shopping

Although there are lots of vendors selling oil products, having a lasting partnership with one provider that can supply all your petroleum products has definite advantages. Purchasing lubricants, fuel, and maintenance services from a full-service vendor saves business owners time and money. Business owners save money through volume discounts on petroleum products. They also save money on administrative expenses because there are fewer vendor relationships to manage.

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