What to Look for When Considering Private Label Lubricants 

26 Oct 2016, Posted by McPherson Oil in Industry Information, Oil Tips

Lubricant Oil | McPherson OilIt is a big deal when you decide to put your name on something.

Your reputation is on the line and in today’s connected society, news travels fast. You want to make sure that the product is of high quality and that it will meet your customers’ demands.

It can make or break you.

This is especially true when it comes to private label lubricants. If you’re searching for a private label lubricant, read on to learn what to look for. You’ll find that McPherson’s private label lubricant Proteck is a noteworthy product.

You Need a Private Label Lubricant Supply That Never Dries Up

Look for a private label lubricants partner that has diverse bonds with different oil companies to get you the best price.

Diversity also means that you can rely on a plentiful supply because of sourcing from multiple companies. The last thing you want is lost customers due to your product becoming hard to find. Proteck will supply you with as much lubricant as you need when you need it.

You Need a Private Label Lubricants Partner Who is Backed by the Biggest Brands

Working with a private label lubricants partner such as Proteck that has consistent experience with other leading brands is important. This shows a level of trust and integrity. These partners often provide warranties, especially with passenger car oil, because consumers want to know that the company stands behind its products.

A Comprehensive Private Label is Dynamic

The advantages to buying private label lubricants for your business are endless.

First, you are getting quality oil at a discount price, which makes you more competitive and profitable. You also get access to delivery, pickup and recycling options that your partner may offer.

For example, Proteck offers dynamic and comprehensive Total Petroleum Management solutions through McPherson as its producer that covers all the lubricant and fluid needs you have. Proteck has also produced many OEM products for the southeast.

A Great Private Label Keeps You and Your Customers Going

You want your private label lubricant supplier to have great customer service. A good product is great, but what about when things go wrong? That’s where the rubber meets the road. Does the private label that you are looking at have a Certified Lube Specialist on hand? Can they help you approach your problem in a knowledgeable way to find a solution? T Proteck, the private-label lubricant by McPherson Oil delivers these things.

Proteck-A Private Label That Delivers

At McPherson Oil, we want to keep your company running like a well-oiled machine.

It is important to us that we do an excellent job of servicing our products well.

    • We offer Proteck to you as a solid solution to finding the best private label. 
    • We are the leading lubricant distributor in the southeast, moving 15 million gallons of liquid a year.  
    • We pull from our 40 plus years of experience in the oil industry to give you what you need.  
    • We are always looking for new clients.

Give us a call and let us know how we can help you with Proteck. Contact us at 888-802-7500.