Why Should You Care About Total Petroleum Management?

01 Apr 2016, Posted by McPherson Oil in Industry Information, Oil Tips

Total Petroleum Management | McPherson Oil CompanyImagine for a moment what it would be like to go shopping for groceries if each item on your list came from a different store.

Say you had ten items to purchase.

Not only would it take all day, but you would also have ten transactions from all the stores you went to, with ten receipts to keep track of.

Yes, it would be unthinkable to do that, but that’s what you do when you purchase your oil products from a number of different oil companies.

Now imagine purchasing from one oil company, which not only sold all the oil products you needed, but took care of the all the extra things that relate to oil as well.

This is Total Petroleum Management.

Time Equals Money

Total Petroleum Management (TPM) is a complete package of petroleum service.

At McPherson, we offer products for all your oil needs. You will save on administration costs and there will be fewer invoices to keep track of, saving you hours of time each month as a company.

Those hours can be put to growing your company instead becoming lost in paperwork. When employees have more time, they can think more strategically about their work, and your productivity will rise.

Added Value and Service to You

If our TPM program was just sending you all the oil products you need it would be a great service, but we go the extra mile.

It means recycling so that you need not hire another company, and then adding value by renewing your oil right onsite where you are revitalizing your assets.

We provide not only the oil you need, but also fluids like transmission and antifreeze. Part of TPM is fluid delivery right to your door and in the field, done on time so you don’t wait around for your oil. It’s an added customer service element that is more than just clicking a button to order from a supplier.

Giving You the Edge in Your Industry

Through our TPM program we make you a better company by being a more comprehensive supplier to you. This is done through petroleum product education provided by our team to make yours even better.

Gear inspection, machine inspection and reservoir management all keep your business running more efficiently by pinpointing what products we offer that can reduce wear, saving you resources.

Making You More Money

TPM increases your profitability.

We can provide you with a fleet card, which gives you discounts wherever you fill up and keeps unauthorized spending at bay. More revenue is added to your company as you make use of our recycled oil, which allows for green label branding or advertising that your company is eco-friendly.

McPherson Oil TPM

At McPherson Oil we understand the power of having all your oil needs met by one company. That’s why we created Total Petroleum Management. We want to make your business more efficient and stable through our regular and on-time supply.

Give us a call today to find out how Total Petroleum Management can work best for you.