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12 Mar 2019, Posted by McPherson Oil in General

Unlike malls and big box stores, most people don’t come to a convenience store to browse.  They shop in a c-store because they need something cold to drink on the road or perhaps, in an emergency, some aspirin, bread or batteries.  Even though most customers don’t spend more than five minutes in a c-store, there are still opportunities to boost sales.


Offer More Products

A c-store/gas station combo is a great opportunity to get more sales form a customer.  A customer can get gas and snacks or a cold soda for the road while the car fills up.  For the same reason, some c-stores have expanded their products: deli sandwiches, pizza by the slice, healthier snack options. 

Whatever the product, be sure to keep your store stocked.  If you run out of something regularly you will not only miss out on a sale, but you will lose customers. 


Good Customer Service

Chick-Fil-A was recently named the number one fast food restaurant in America for one big reason – customer service. Their interactions with customers is often seen as the epitome of customer service. Their continued service standards creates a loyal customer base.

Same is to be said for c-stores.  The easier and smoother the customer’s visit, the more likely the customer will stop there again.  A few tips:

  • – Have a friendly, helpful staff
  • – Have your store staffed when it is open.  If your hours state 6 a.m. – 10 p.m., someone should be ready for customers during this time. 
  • – Put customers first.  Serving a customer is more important than the other daily responsibilities of cleaning the counter, sweeping the floor and even possibly cleaning the bathroom.

Also, it’s more likely that your employees will go the extra mile if you treat them well.


Stand out from the crowd

A lot of consumers think every c-store is the same, carrying the same soda and snack offerings.  Finding something different and unique to sell can bring in a new or constant customer base.  Do some research on what is wanted or needed in the area you are located in.  Check on upcoming trends and products.  Talk to your customers and ask what they would like to see on the shelves.

Of course, having a constant supply of fuel is something that every gas station/c-store combo needs.  McPherson would be happy to partner with you as a retail fuel provider.  Contact us today and find out how McPherson’s retail fuel services can help you!



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*Source: How to Boost Sales in Convenience Stores