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How to Avoid Bulk Tank Contamination

27 Aug 2019, Posted by McPherson Oil in General, Oil Tips

We know that bulk tank contamination can halt any quick lube, plant, fleet or mill in its steps. One tiny drop of water can turn a clear, transparent solution into an unusable liquid. Just look at the example. One drop of water turned this ATF…

Viscosity in Grease Selection

19 Aug 2019, Posted by McPherson Oil in General

Because grease is 80%-90% oil, the viscosity of the base oil is important.  The higher the viscosity, the greater the resistance to flow.  Lower viscosity oils have less resistance and flow quickly.  Why is this important?  The goal of lubrication is to separate metal surfaces…

How many lube technicians does it take to ensure optimum production reliability? Well, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Yet what is universally true is that organizations should develop a proactive plan that considers their current and future personnel needs. Do you have…

Optimal Re-greasing Frequency

12 Aug 2019, Posted by McPherson Oil in Industry Information, Oil Tips

What is the optimal re-greasing frequency and quantity for your equipment? Chris Decker, an ExxonMobil Grease Formulator, looks at the frequency of re-greasing equipment and what can result in overgreasing as well as undergreasing. Re-greasing intervals are based on a range of factors including equipment…

Top 5 reasons to choose Mobil 1™

08 Aug 2019, Posted by McPherson Oil in General

1. Mobil 1 is the #1 U.S. mechanic recommended motor oil* For the third straight year, more mechanics have chosen Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil than any other brand of synthetic motor oil.  From professionals to serious DIY guys, this is the mechanics’ motor oil….

How C-Stores Can Combat Fraud

19 Jul 2019, Posted by McPherson Oil in General

Retail fraud has grown exponentially in recent years.  In 2015, The Nilson Report stated that businesses lost nearly $22 million in credit and debit fraud. While, yes, a large number of that loss fell on e-commerce, brick and mortar retailers, including C-stores, still face fraud…

Benefits of Synthetic Oil

15 Jul 2019, Posted by McPherson Oil in Oil Tips

Conventional oil is distilled and refined from crude oil, a naturally-occurring liquid fossil fuel. Synthetic oil, on the other hand, is created artificially, molecule-by-molecule, from chemical compounds with the goal of mimicking the best properties of natural oil and tailoring to the specific demands of…

Preventing Oil Oxidation

01 Jul 2019, Posted by McPherson Oil in General

Oxidation occurs when the addition of O2 changes the chemical substance. Think about an apple – when you bite into an apple and leave it out, why does it turn brown? Oxidation. Oil isn’t immune to this process. Once a viable lubrication tool, the oil…

3 Ways to Optimize Oil Analysis

13 Jun 2019, Posted by McPherson Oil in General, Oil Tips

When it rains it pours, right? Does it ever feel like when one machine goes down. so does another? Or when one problem happens, it begins a domino effect? Problems tend to compound, and when one begins, you need answers fast to mitigate the uses….

Hydraulic System Maintenance

11 Jun 2019, Posted by McPherson Oil in General

Hydraulic systems power the moving parts of many kinds of industrial equipment. The lifeblood of your hydraulic system – the hydraulic fluid – requires four key areas of care to gain optimum service life. Also, to ensure proper function, periodic maintenance is important – and…